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Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue Bella Bar - Various Coatings

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Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue Bella Bar - Various Coatings

The Rogue 25mm Boneyard Bar is a durable and reliable training barbell designed to handle intense training regimens with ease. This barbell is made with 25mm shaft that is constructed from North American Made Steel and features an aggressive knurling pattern to provide a secure and comfortable grip. This barbell is also finished with a black zinc, bright zinc, or hard chrome coating to protect the barbell from corrosion and oxidation, increasing its lifespan and usability. An interior composite bushing system prevents lateral wobble and whip to provide a balanced and stable experience during Olympic lifts. The Rogue 25mm Boneyard Bar is designed for use with a wide variety of weightlifting and functional fitness exercises, including squats, deadlifts, presses, and Olympic lifts. The barbell is capable of handling up to 500lbs of weight without any issues. Overall, the Rogue 25mm Boneyard Bar is a great option for athletes at any level that are looking for a dependable and durable barbell.


Pros & Cons


• Heavy duty and made of high quality materials

• mm 7ft long bars

• Center knurl

• Multiple colors/ coatings to choose from

• Good against cracking, chipping, and peeling

• Made in the USA


• Price may be steep for some budgets

• Can take longer shipping times than other brands

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Those looking for a budget-friendly option

- Those looking for a barbell with a minimal knurl

- Those looking for a barbell with 25mm shafts

Should Not Buy:

- Those looking for a barbell with a high level of knurling

- Those who are looking for a higher quality barbell


• Women’s 15KG (33LB) weightlifting bar

• Shaft: 25MM Diameter

• Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI

• Yield Strength: 160,000 PSI

• Knurling: Single Knurl Markings in Center and Outer Portions of Shaft

• Center Knurl: Yes

• Rotation: Bushing

• Bearing: N/A

• Sleeve Coating: Zinc, Cerakote, E-Coat (Black), Stainless Steel

• 230,000 PSI steel

• Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.75”

• Dual Olympic/Powerlifting knurl marks

• Made in Columbus, Ohio

ProductLengthDiameterTensile StrengthCoatings
Rogue 25MM Boneyard Bars91.5"25mm190k PSIFull Chrome, Black Zinc, Black Oxide
Rogue Bella Bar - Various Coatings86.25"25mm190k PSIBlack Zinc, Bright Zinc, Cerakote, E-Coat, Hard Chrome
American Barbell Stainless Steel Training Bar86.75"28.5mm190k PSIBright Zinc, Bright Chrome
VTX Barbell Stainless Olympic Bar85.5"28mm190k PSIBright Zinc, Black E-Coat
Rep V2 - Olympic Weightlifting Barbell82.5"28mm200k PSIBright Zinc, Black Oxide, Cerakote

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