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Rogue 25MM Women's B&R Bar 2.0

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Rogue 25MM Women's B&R Bar 2.0

-stainless The Rogue 25mm Women's B&R Bar Stainless is a top-of-the-line weightlifting barbell designed specifically for the women's lifting market. This bar is made from high quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and incredibly strong. The shaft of the bar is 25mm in diameter, with a total weight of 44 lbs. The ends of the bar feature dual knurling marks and a smooth stainless steel finish to provide superior grip and comfort. The center knurl is also a standard feature, providing additional grip when seated at a power rack or squat stand. The bar comes with a lifetime warranty and is suitable for Olympic lifts, powerlifting, and crossfit WODs. This bar is designed for serious lifters and athletes, providing the strength and precision needed for any type of weight training. Whether you're a dedicated athlete or an experienced lifter, this barbell will make your workouts more effective and efficient.


Pros & Cons


• MM diameter provides an ergonomic grip for women

• Aggressive knurling on the bar helps ensure a firm grip during workouts

• Accommodates Olympic plate sizes without compressing

• Whip of the bar is designed for a more stable performance

• Dual knurl markings offer a choice of grip locations to perform most Olympic lifts

• Bar is finished with a black zinc coating, which helps provide protection from corrosion


• Not designed for use with specialty Olympic plates with extra-large hole diameters

• May require maintenance more frequently due to the black zinc coating

• Expensive price point relative to similar bars on the market

Who Should Buy

Why Buy This Home Gym Product:

• Designed specifically for women

• 25mm diameter offers a comfortable grip

• Stainless steel construction ensures strength and durability

• Versatile for use in a variety of movements

• Copper sleeve bushings help improve spin

• Sleek black oxide finish adds a stylish look

Why Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

• 25mm diameter may be too slim for some user’s preference

• May not be best for Olympic lifting

• Price may be too high for some budgets

• Not ideal for beginners


-25MM shaft

-Bronze Bushings System

-185K PSI Tensile Strength

-20.2KG weight capacity (44.8 lbs)

-No center knurling

-IWF standard knurling, dual marks

-Bright zinc plated finish

Rogue Rogue 25MM Women's B&R Bar 2.0180 cm25 mm$375
Fringe Barbell180 cm25 mm$350
Rep Fitness Gladiator 44 Olympic Bar180 cm44 mm$350
Oregon Barbell Club 25mm WL Bar180 cm25 mm$344
Eleiko Performance Training Bar180 cm28 mm$379

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