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Rogue 28.5MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Ohio Bar - Cerakote - Black Shaft / Black Sleeve

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Rogue 28.5MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Ohio Bar - Cerakote - Black Shaft / Black Sleeve

The Rogue 28.5mm Boneyard Bar is an Olympic-sized barbell whose mixture of strength, resilience, and aesthetics make it the ideal choice for any weightlifting routine. This 28.5mm bar features a black cerakote finish applied over a high-strength steel shaft that provides excellent whip on Olympic lifts and a feel that is comparable to stainless steel. The collar and end caps are also black and are made with a high-grade aluminum alloy for increased durability. The bar is also made with a proprietary aggregate material bushing system that provides a smooth spin and reduces wear and tear. This bar is highly rated and recommended by athletes and gym owners alike, who find its construction and design to be of the highest quality.


Pros & Cons


• mm barbell diameter provides a slightly more rigid barbell compared to a standard 28 mm barbell

• Made from high quality steel for durability and strength

• Comes in a variety of finishes to fit personal preferences

• Limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind

• Features double snap rings for safety

• Sleeve spin is optimized for Olympic lifts


• More expensive than some other bars on the market

• Can be heavy for some people, depending on the particular bar chosen

Who Should Buy

Reasons to buy the Rogue 28.5mm Boneyard Bar:

-High-strength steel for enhanced durability and life span

-Heavy-duty design for improved weight capacity

-28.5mm steel shaft for a balanced feel

-Cerakote finish for protection against scratches and rust

-Black shaft and black sleeve for a sleek look

Reasons not to buy the Rogue 28.5mm Boneyard Bar:

-May be too short for some Olympic lifts

-May not be suitable for use in commercial gyms

-Not many options for knurling and grips

-May not be suitable for everyday training and heavy lifting


- 28.5MM Diameter

- 4.2 lbs Weight

- Boneyard Ohio Bar

- Cerakote - Black Shaft / Black Sleeve

- 200,000 PSI Tensile Strength

- 1600 lb Static Load Testing

- High Tensile Alloy Steel

- 15.3" Loadable Sleeve Length

- Aggressive Knurling - Dual Knurl Marks

Rogue Rogue 28.5MM Boneyard BarsRogue 28.5 MM Rogue Modulus BarRogue Ohio Power BarFringe Sport Titanium Utility Bar
28.5MM Diameter28.5MM28.5MM28.5MM
1040 Steel ShaftStainlessSteelTitanium Shaft
Black Cerakote FinishCarbon BlackBlack ZincSatin Titanium Finish + Cerakote
Diamond Knurl, No Center Knurl or RibsDiamondAggressiveMedium Knurl + Ribs
1500 lb Rating1500 lb1500 lb2000 lb
Sleeves with C-clipsYesYesNo

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