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Rogue 28.5MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue Ohio 1.2 with ( Raw Shaft / Stainless Sleeve )

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Rogue 28.5MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue Ohio 1.2 with ( Raw Shaft / Stainless Sleeve )

The Rogue 28.5 mm Boneyard Bar is a unique, high-quality barbell at an affordable price. With a 28.5 mm shaft and a raw steel exterior, the bar is perfect for athletes who prefer a slightly thinner bar with a classic look and feel. The bar features a super-durable stainless steel sleeve, and is especially well-suited to high-intensity workouts, thanks to its stiff whip and 208,000 PSI tensile strength. Additionally, it has a center knurl and single powerlifting marking for improved grip and accuracy during lifts. Available in multiple stylish finishes, the Rogue 28.5 mm Boneyard Bar is an excellent option for anyone seeking a reliable, attractive barbell for their gym.


Pros & Cons


• mm thick shaft – thicker than most Olympic bars, providing an even weight distribution across the bar for maximum stability while lifting

• Stainless steel sleeves – helps resist corrosion and wear, providing a longer lifespan

• Modified "hourglass" collar – helps keep plates firmly in place for secure loading during lifting

• Solid steel Construction – provides stability and reliability

• Surprise color options – added incentive for those who want to stand out or surprise friends with your bar


• Price – more expensive than some competitors

• Finish – may be desired by some who would prefer an aesthetic finish over Boneyard's battle-scarred look

• Uncomfortable knurling – some lifters may not enjoy the more aggressive knurling on Rogue's Boneyard Bars

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• People who are looking for a strong and durable strength training barbell

• Athletes training for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and/or CrossFit

• People who need a reliable and reasonably priced barbell

Who Should Not Buy

• People who are looking for a barbell designed for more technical Olympic lifts

• People who require precise weight selection, as this barbell is not weighable

• People looking for a barbell with a more finished look and feel


• Material: 4130 Chromoly Steel

• Rise: 28.5"

• Width: 30"

• Backsweep: 12°

• Upsweep: 2°

• Crossbar Height: 7.25"

• Crossbar Width: 9"

• Clamp Size: 31.8mm

• Bar Weight: 2.20 lbs

• Finish: Raw Shaft / Stainless Sleeve

ProductBar WidthShaft MaterialSleeve MaterialPrice
Rogue Rogue 28.5MM Boneyard Bars28.5 mmRaw ShaftStainless Steel$119.00
American Barbell Aluminum Training Bumper25 mmAluminumN/A$129.00
Ohio Power Bar28,5 mmSteelSilver Zinc$265.00
Rogue OB-86 Olympic Barbell28.5 mmSteelBright Zinc$295.00
Ohio Deadlift Bar28.5 mmSteelBright Zinc$455.00

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