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Rogue 28MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard 28MM Olympic Weightlifting Bar w/ Center Knurl (Bright Zinc Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve)

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Rogue 28MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard 28MM Olympic Weightlifting Bar w/ Center Knurl (Bright Zinc Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve)

The Rogue 28mm Boneyard Bars come with a bright zinc shaft and bright zinc sleeve, providing a durable lifting experience. With a 28mm shaft diameter, it is made for Olympic weightlifting, and comes with a center knurl added for extra grip on the barbell. Designed for heavy weight lifting, this bar features a medium depth aggressive knurling that works to improve grip on heavy lifts. It has a tensile strength of 215,000 P.S.I., giving it a great tensile strength, meaning this bar would be able to handle more weight than a standard barbell. This bar also comes with precision-crafted bronze bushings and snap-ring brass construction for increased durability. This bar also has a lifetime warranty, allowing you to lift with confidence no matter the weight. With its bright zinc finish, this barbell is sure to be a hit in any gym.


Pros & Cons


• Impressive 28mm shaft diameter

• Made with 190,000 PSI steel

• Centre knurl for Olympic lifts

• Bright zinc shaft/sleeve finish

• Lifetime warranty


• Low hit weight capacity of 220,000 PSI

• Not suitable for powerlifting workouts

• Does not come with end caps

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• Those looking for an affordable barbell that offers virtually the same performance as more expensive models.

• Olympic weightlifters who need a barbell with a true 28 millimeter diameter.

• Individuals who prefer the traditional "center knurling" found on classic Olympic barbells.

Who shouldn't buy:

• Powerlifters who prefer more aggressive knurling.

• Those who prioritize aesthetics over performance.

• Individuals who are looking for a lifetime warranty.


-Made in the USA

-Length: 79.5"

-Weight: 44lbs

-Diameter: 28mm

-Shaft Finish: Bright Zinc

-Sleeve Finish: Bright Zinc

-No Center Knurling

-No Whip

-Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.25"

-Knurling: International IWF Standard

-Grip Markings: Dual Knurl Marks for Olympic Lifts

Shaft DiameterCenter KnurlShaft Finish
28mmYesBright ZincBright Zinc
28mmYesBlack ZincBright Zinc
28mmYesBright ZincBlack Zinc
28mmNoBright ZincBright Zinc
28mmYesBlack ZincBlack Zinc

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