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Rogue 28MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 28MM OLY WL Bar w/ Center Knurl (Stainless Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve)

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Rogue 28MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 28MM OLY WL Bar w/ Center Knurl (Stainless Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve)

The Rogue 28MM Boneyard Bar is a high-quality stainless steel Olympic weightlifting barbell featuring a distinctive center knurl design. Constructed from stainless steel, the bar features a 28.5 mm shaft, corrosion-resistant bright zinc-plated sleeves and aggregate total loading capacity of 1500 lbs. The unique center knurl design makes the bar ideal for both Olympic weightlifting movements such as the snatch and clean and jerks, as well as more general powerlifting exercises like squats, presses and deadlifts. The aggressive knurling and center knurl provide a secure, comfort grip during lifts while offering just enough cushion on the hands without compromising control. The bar comes with a lifetime warranty and is assembled in the US.


Pros & Cons

Pros of Rogue 28mm Boneyard Bars:

• mm shaft diameter makes for an incredibly rigid and strong barbell

- Steel whip is boosted by the use of bright zinc and stainless steel in Construction

• Aegis antimicrobial nano coating guards against bacteria and odors

• Center knurl provides additional grip when needed

• Warranty is backed by Rogue's guarantee

Cons of Rogue 28mm Boneyard Bars:

• Some users may prefer a less rigid bar - this will depend primarily on the lifting style

• Price point may be higher than the budget of some lifters

• Bright zinc sleeve may cause rusting after long-term exposure to moisture or sweat.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High Quality 28mm Olympic Barbell with a stainless steel shaft and bright zinc sleeves

• Has center knurl

• Affordable and cost-effective

• Great for any level of lifting

• Durable and long-lasting design

Should Not Buy:

• Not appropriate for use with specialty style Olympic lifting

• Not a good fit for higher end competition weightlifting


• 28mm Precision Milled Steel Shaft

• Stiff, Low Whip Steel Shaft

• Medium/Aggressive Knurling

• Bright Zinc Coated Bushing Sleeves

• 1000lb. Tensile Strength Rating

• 8700lb. Tested Tensile Strength Rating

• Lifetime Warranty

Rogue 28MM Boneyard BarsCompetitor Bar #1Competitor Bar #2Competitor Bar #3
Shaft Diameter28 mm28 mm28 mm28.5 mm
Shaft MaterialStainless SteelHardened SteelSteel AlloySteel Alloy
Sleeve FinishBright ZincBlack ZincBright ZincBright Chrome
KnurlCenter KnurlDiamond KnurlDual KnurlChangeable Knurl
Whip Length12.5 in11 in12 in11 in

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