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Rogue 28MM IWF Olympic Weightlifting Bar - Cerakote

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Rogue 28MM IWF Olympic Weightlifting Bar - Cerakote

The Rogue 28MM IWF OLY Bar Cerakote is a high performing Olympic lifting barbell made with the highest caliber of material. The end result is an Olympic-style bar suitable for both professional and amateur weightlifters alike. This bar is made with precision and precision-applied black Cerakote finish. Cerakote is a technological breakthrough in the application of a high performance protective coating. It's made with a proprietary formulation of titanium particles, which help to reduce friction, abrasion, and corrosion. The end result is a barbell with a scratch-resistant, non-reflective black finish that not only looks attractive but also increases the durability of the bar. The Rogue 28MM IWF OLY Bar Cerakote also comes with 20 kg of dual-layered composite bushing sleeves, which help to offer a smooth and resistant spin. This helps to eliminate any mechanical grind and wear between the bar and plates. The bar also has a 28mm diameter shank, which offers a weightlifting-specific grip that prevents bar slipping. Furthermore, its 1500-pound capacity rating is suitable for both commercial and home gym settings. The entire bar measures 215 cm and weighs 20 kg to provide maximum stability during lifts. It also has a 203K tensile strength, making it one of the strongest barbells on the market. Overall, the Rogue 28MM IWF OLY Bar Cerakote offers an immense amount of strength and durability and is an ideal choice for anyone looking to get serious about Olympic weightlifting. Its Cerakote finish enhances the bar's revolutionary look and feel, which is ideal for having a piece of equipment in a gym that looks as great as it performs.


Pros & Cons


• MM diameter for competition-style Olympic lifts

• Made in the USA

• PSI tensile strength

-Single-piece Construction

• Machined centers

• No center knurling

• Shaft and sleeve are finished in Cerakote


• Expensive compared to other bars

• Certified for Olympic weightlifting only, not powerlifting

• Shaft has no center knurling, which may not be best for deadlifting

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

•Athletes training for Olympic weightlifting

•Crossfitters looking for a reliable barbell

•Anyone looking for a durable barbell

Who Should Not Buy:

•Individuals on a limited budget

•People who are not looking for a specialized barbell

•Someone who does not plan to use it often


- 28MM Knurled Shaft

- 20KG Weight

- 43.5” Whip

- 190K PSI Tensile Strength

- Cerakote Finish

- Dual Knock Out Marks

- Center Knurling

- Snap Ring Sleeves

- IPF/IWF Markings

Rogue Rogue 28MM IWF Olympic Weightlifting Bar - CerakoteProduct 2Product 3Product 4
Shaft Diameter: 28MMShaft Diameter: 28MMShaft Diameter: 25MMShaft Diameter: 30MM
Shaft Length: 84.75"Shaft Length: 80"Shaft Length: 83"Shaft Length: 86"
Tensile Strength: 205k PSITensile Strength: 210k PSITensile Strength: 215k PSITensile Strength: 220k PSI
Knurl: Deep DiamondKnurl: Medium DiamondKnurl: AggressiveKnurl: Aggressive
Finish: CerakoteFinish: Hard ChromeFinish: Durable Black UrethaneFinish: Matte Black Multi-coat

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