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Rogue 28mm War Bar - Stainless Steel

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Rogue 28mm War Bar - Stainless Steel

The Rogue 28mm War Bar Stainless Steel is a specialized barbell ideal for Olympic weightlifting. With a 28mm shaft diameter, the War Bar is designed to replicate the feel and performance of a competition bar without the extremely high price tag. This bar allows athletes to progress with the same feel of a competition bar without having to invest in one. The bar features a medium-strength, 189,000 PSI stainless steel shaft for consistent spin and durability. The barbell sleeve assemblies feature hardened chrome composite bushings and dual snap ring locks for functional performance and long lasting use. The knurling on the War Bar aggressiveness provides a secure grip during use, but has a smooth finish to help prevent scratches and abrasions on the user’s skin. The stainless steel construction gives the barbell a sleek and professional look fit for premium gyms. To top it off, this barbell comes complete with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for additional peace of mind. The Rogue 28mm War Bar Stainless Steel is the perfect barbell for athletes looking to progress in Olympic weightlifting without having to invest in a top of the line competition bar.


Pros & Cons


• mm bar diameter offers optimal grip for Olympic and powerlifting exercises

• High tensile strength stainless steel Construction provides long-term durability

• Medium depth knurling is good for long-term grip and won't tear up your skin

• Compatible with both Olympic and powerlifting plates for easy loading

• High-gloss finish looks great


• High cost might be prohibitive for some

• Only available in 4ft and 6ft versions, making it less versatile than other barbells

• Some may find the medium depth knurling too aggressive for their skin

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• Home gym owners or those who want to build out their garage gym

• Anyone who craves an extra level of stability and strength in their barbells

• Anyone who values quality and knows that they'll get what they pay for

• Those who love the unique feel and look of stainless steel

Who should not buy:

• Those on a budget who need a barbell on the cheaper end

• Those who are not sure if stainless steel barbells are the right choice for them

• Those who are looking for a quick solution to their barbell needs


- War Bar Handle Design

- Made from Stainless Steel

- Strength Rated at 150,000 PSI

- Pendlay Cutting Edge Technology

- 215,000 PSI Yield Strength

- Includes End Cap with Rogue Logo

- Fully Machined Construction

- Intended for Olympic Weightlifting Applications

Competitor 1Competitor 2
96.25 in95.75 in90.75 in
Stainless SteelHard ChromeHard Chrome
2,200 LB2,000 LB1,500 LB
28.98 MM28.63 MM28.25 MM

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