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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars

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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars

The Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bar is a versatile, high-grade Olympic weightlifting barbell constructed from robust and durable alloy steel. The bar features a signature black oxide finish for corrosion resistance, and a 29MM diameter (heavier than standard Olympic bars) that results in superior whip and an increased flex when handling heavier weights. Designed for athletic performance, this barbell boasts a 204,000 PSI tensile strength, allowing users to comfortably lift an array of Olympic movements. The bar also features an Olympic bearing sleeve that minimizes friction and increases spinning velocity, making it perform better in Olympic lifts. The knurling provides medium to aggressive grip and features IWF marks for Olympic programming. This barbell can be used for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, and just about any other program that calls for a versatile training tool. From heavier weightlifting sessions to snatch and clean and jerk, Rogue Fitness has ensured that this bar is made with superior craftsmanship for superior results.

  • Boneyard Rogue 20KG Power Bar with (Stainless Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeves)

    In Stock


  • Boneyard Rogue 45LB Ohio Power Bar with (Raw Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve)

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• mm diameter gives a secure grip

• KG (44 lb) weight capacity

• Single-piece Construction

• Black oxide coating prevents wear and tear

• Lightweight and portable

• Economical


• Not suitable for Olympic Weightlifting

• No center knurling

• Hard to grip with chalk for heavy lifts

• Limited color options

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for a barbell with a versatile loading option and a 29mm shaft

• Those who prioritize affordability when buying their exercise equipment

• Those looking for a bar with a natural whip and feel

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for a powerlifting bar

• Those wanting a quality barbell without budget limitations

• Those looking for a barbell specifically designed for Olympic Lifting


• 29MM Diameter

• 220,000 psi Tensile Strength

• 190,000 PSI Yield Strength

• 2" Loadable Sleeve Length

• 1500LB Weight Rating

• Bright Zinc Coating Finish

Rogue Rogue 29mm Boneyard BarsProduct 1Product 2Product 3
MaterialChromoly SteelSteelSteelAluminium
Weight13.7 lbs15.5 lbs16.7 lbs5.85 lbs

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