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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Ohio Power Bar 45LB - Black E-Coat Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve

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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Ohio Power Bar 45LB - Black E-Coat Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve

Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bar is a rugged, high-performance barbell designed to meet the demands of serious weightlifters and athletes. The bar is constructed with a thick 29mm shaft diameter which is made from high-strength, North American steel with a bright zinc finish. The sleeves feature a stylish black e-coat finish which provides outstanding protection against rust. The barbell has an impressive 216,000 PSI tensile strength which makes it extremely durable and able to handle heavy lifting without bending. The bar is also slightly whippy, offering excellent spin on Olympic heavy lifts and making it an ideal choice for athletes preparing for Olympic lifting competitions. The barbell is 28.5mm in diameter and weighs in at 45lb, making it perfect for powerlifting, weightlifting and CrossFit workouts alike. This bar is perfect for any home gym or commercial gym looking to accommodate a wide variety of athletes and weightlifters.


Pros & Cons


• Quality steel frame with durable black e-coat finish and bright zinc sleeves

• Steel shaft with a diameter of 29 mm, making it the perfect size for powerlifting

• Very effective knurling that provides a secure grip

• EZ rotating sleeves, which reduce wear and tear

• LB capacity, making it suitable for longer workouts and heavier lifts

• Bushing Construction that ensures smooth kinetic movements

• Good value for money


• Relatively limited range of uses due to weight capacity and shaft diameter

• Rust can form quickly in humid or moist environments

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High quality steel - Strong Ohio Power Bar shaft with black-e-coat and bright zinc sleeves

• Ultimate performance and durability

• Competition-grade knurling

• 29 MM diameter ideal for powerlifting exercises

Should Not Buy:

• Individuals looking for cheap bars

• Those wanting Olympic-style lifting

• Those seeking higher grip knurling


• Type: Power Bar

• Shaft diameter: 29mm

• Weight (unloaded): 45lbs

• Finish: Black e-coat shaft and bright zinc sleeves

• Knurling: No Knurling

• Bushing/Bearing: Bushing

Rogue Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars29MMBoneyard Black E-Coat Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeve
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