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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 20KG Power Bar with (Stainless Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeves)

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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue  20KG Power Bar with (Stainless Shaft / Bright Zinc Sleeves)

The Rogue 29mm Boneyard Bar is a reliable and durable choice for any home gym or commercial fitness setting. This powerlifting bar has a knurling designed specifically for high performance lifts and its bright zinc sleeves offer incredible grip and long life. A flagship bar from Rogue's Boneyard series, the 29mm bar is engineered;featuring a 20KG weight, stainless steel shaft, and dual knurling specifications. Designed to maximize grip and whip, the aggressive center knurling on the Rogue Boneyard Bar is balanced with a more moderate outer knurl pattern. Boasting a 200K PSI tensile strength 58Rockwell, this bar is engineered to match Olympic lifting demands. It is rated to a maximum load of 1500LB and comes in a black oxide finish that is excellent for rust protection and features fine micro-grooves for an improved grip. It also features an ISO-standard 29MM diameter and 16.4” loadable sleeve length. The spin of this bar is especially noteworthy and is backed by Rogue's lifetime warranty on the shaft. Offering a combination of performance and value, the Rogue 29mm Boneyard Bar is an optimal choice for anyone serious about progressing and pushing the boundaries of their training.


Pros & Cons


• Durable stainless steel shaft with bright zinc sleeves

• mm grip diameter for Olympic weight lifting

• Choice of knurling depths to make reps easier

• week knurl warranty

• Black oxide finish for enhanced rust protection

• Fully machined ends and whip tested

• Magnetic end cap for grip


• Not suitable for heavier deadlifts

• Not designed for use with gym machine weights

• Requires a more precise technique for Olympic lifts compared to other bars

Who Should Buy

The Rogue 29mm Boneyard Bars are available as a power bar with either a stainless shaft or bright zinc sleeves. These bars are designed for experienced weightlifters and fitness professionals who demand the highest quality, and can handle the wear and tear of constant use. They are not recommended for someone just starting out with weightlifting, as they will likely find them too challenging to use.


• 29MM Shaft Diameter

• Bright Zinc Sleeves

• Made with 20KG Power Bar

• Stainless Shaft

ProductSteel ShaftSleeve FinishTensile Strength
Rogue Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard29MMBright Zinc216,000 PSI
Rogue Ohio Power Bar28.5MMBright Zinc220,000 PSI
Rep Fitness Power Bar28MMBright Zinc230,000 PSI
Texas Power Bar27MMBlack Zinc190,000 PSI

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