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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 20KG Power Bar with (Stainless Steel Shaft / Chrome Sleeve)

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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 20KG Power Bar with (Stainless Steel Shaft / Chrome Sleeve)

The Rogue 29mm Boneyard Bar is a capable power lifting bar ideal for strength training and intense use. Developed by Rogue Fitness, this bar is made from only the highest quality components and features a unique design built specifically to maximize performance. The shaft is made of stainless steel and features a consistent 29mm diameter. The horizontal tracks on the shaft provide superior grip, helping you to maintain a tight grip on the barbell during heavy lifts. The bar also features a chrome sleeve with needle bearings for exceptional spin, allowing for smooth and consistent plate loading. The bar has a 20KG rating and incorporates Rogue's aggressive knurling pattern for superior control and grip. The Rogue 29mm Boneyard Bar is the perfect choice for athletes looking for a durable, high performance power lifting bar. Whether you’re a weightlifting enthusiast or a powerlifter, this bar is a great choice for anyone looking for superior spin and grip. From squats to deadlifts, the Rogue 29mm Boneyard Bar will help you get the most out of your workouts.


Pros & Cons


• Chrome sleeve for better grip and protection

• mm diameter allows for greater contact with the hand

• PSI Tensile Strength

• Made from stainless steel

• Ability to rack on regular weight bar holders

• Corrosion resistant


• Price is on the higher side

• Because of its dense structure, it can be heavier than some of the other rogue bars.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Durable, stainless steel and chrome construction

• 29 mm diameter for improved weightlifting performance

• Promotes greater stability and form

• 20 kg (45 lb) weight capacity

• Great option for a budget-friendly barbell

Should Not Buy:

• Not a good choice for Olympic lifting specific movements

• Weightlifting bars are not able to be used with outside-style weights (collars are not compatible)

• Only available in one color


- 29MM shaft diameter

- 20KG maximum load capacity (1000 pounds)

- 216,000 PSI tensile strength

- Stainless Steel shaft, Chrome Sleeve

- No center knurling

- Dual knurl marks for Olympic and Power lifts

- 5 needle bearings and 1 bronze bushing per sleeve

- Bright Zinc Plating

- Snap ring construction

- Made in the USA

Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue 20KG Power Bar (Stainless Steel Shaft / Chrome Sleeve)Comparing Bar AComparing Bar BComparing Bar C
Shaft Diameter29MM25.5MM28MM
Sleeve MaterialChromeChromeNickel
Weight Rating20KG20KG20KG
Tensile Strength205K PSI190K PSI200K PSI

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