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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue Ohio 29MM 45LB Power Bar with (Raw Shaft / Chrome Sleeves)

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Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bars - Boneyard Rogue Ohio 29MM 45LB Power Bar with (Raw Shaft / Chrome Sleeves)

The Rogue 29MM Boneyard Bar is a versatile, precision-engineered power bar that offers enhanced performance, strength, and durability in an affordable package. The bar uses a combination of a raw steel shaft, Chrome sleeves, and a hardened finish to ensure superior performance. The shaft has a 29MM diameter and is constructed of 190,000 PSI tested steel that provides an excellent balance of strength and whip. The sleeves are machined for a perfect fit and have a double snap ring construction for secure weight plate loading. The bar is finished with a hardened zinc finish. The bar is rated for up to 1,500 lb capacity, making it perfect for heavy lifting. The bar is also Manufacturer’s Imprints laser engraved to look great even after years of use. The bar also features a specific weight of 45lbs, so the bar won't become a burden on the user after frequent use. This bar is ideal for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, functional fitness and CrossFit workouts, or any other conventional or specialty workout.


Pros & Cons


• Durable -- Made of high-strength steel with chrome-plated sleeves

• Versatile -- Has a dual knurl design for use in Olympic and Powerlifting movements

• Affordable compared to other bars of similar quality

• Made in the USA

• Perfect for all kinds of gym workouts


• No center knurling

• Can take some breaking in to get to a comfortable knurl

• Heavy -- 45 lb bar with a 29mm thickness

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

● Strong and reliable 29mm thickness bar

● Made with Rogue’s signature steel

● Features a raw shaft and chrome sleeves

● 45-pound power bar weight

Should Not Buy:

● Those looking for a 28mm bar

● Those looking for a lighter bar (less than 45 lbs)

● Those looking for a bar with a different sleeve finish (stainless steel, ceramic etc)


- Rogue Ohio 29MM 45LB Power Bar

- Made in The United States

- Powerlifting Spec Strength Training Bar

- 29MM Thick Shaft

- Black Zinc Coated Raw Steel Shaft

- Black Manganese Phosphate Sleeves

- Aggressive Knurling for Competitions

- 208K PSI Tensile Strength

- 1500 LB weight capacity

- 16.25" loadable sleeve length

- 56" Bar Length

- 4 needle bearings per sleeve

- Dual Knurl Markings (Power & Olympic Weightlifting)

- Olympic Weightlifting & Powerlifting Approved by IPF & USAPL

ProductShaft DiameterWhipSleeve CoatingKnurlingWarranty
Rogue Ohio 29MM 45LB Power Bar (Raw Shaft / Chrome Sleeves)29 mmModerateChromeAggressiveLifetime
Rep Fitness Trapezoid Power Bar28.5mmModerateBlack ZincAggressiveLifetime
Fringe Sport Bar 20KG Men's Bar28.5mmModerateHard ChromeVarying aggressivenessLifetime
Rep Fitness Resistance WOD Bar28.5mmHighHard ChromeMediumLifetime

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