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Rogue 3MM Knee Sleeve - Pair

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Rogue 3MM Knee Sleeve - Pair

The Rogue 3mm Knee Sleeve is an ultra-durable piece of equipment designed to provide supreme protection and comfort while performing extreme physical activities. Made of 3mm thick neoprene, the sleeve provides effective support to the knee, locking it in place and allowing for a full range of free motion. This can help to protect the joint from overuse and injury while aiding in recovery after rigorous physical activities. The unique camo pattern of this sleeve also provides an extra aesthetic bonus that is sure to turn heads at the gym. On the inside, the sleeve has a "stretch to fit" interior that provides a snug fit without compromising comfort. It also features a silicone gripper along the top of the sleeve that helps to ensure that it stays in place during any movement and will not slip down during use. The exterior of the sleeve has a non-slip grip that further aids in keeping the sleeve secure during use. For extra protection and cushioning, the sleeve features reinforced stitching along the top and bottom, which also helps to ensure its long-lasting durability. The Rogue 3mm Knee Sleeve is perfect for athletes and bodybuilders looking for extra protection and stability in their workouts. The sleeve's adjustable fit also makes it suitable for anyone, regardless of physique and size. With its unique aesthetic and robust design, this Rogue knee sleeve is sure to provide ample security and comfort no matter the environment.

  • Rogue 3mm Knee Sleeve - Camo - XS

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  • Rogue 3mm Knee Sleeve - Camo - S

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  • Rogue 3mm Knee Sleeve - Camo - M

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  • Rogue 3mm Knee Sleeve - Camo - L

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  • Rogue 3mm Knee Sleeve - Camo - XL

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Pros & Cons


• mm neoprene provides enhanced joint support

• Lightweight and breathable

• Stretchable compression reduces the risk of fatigue and injury

• Available in a variety of colours

• Gently contours to your knee for maximum comfort and stabilization

• Velcro straps provide a secure fit

• Keeps warm and stays in place when exercising


• More expensive than some other knee sleeves

• May be too tight on larger knees

• Velcro straps can be uncomfortable

• Can be difficult to get on and off

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• sturdy and well-made product

• comfortable material

• designed for squatting, Olympic lifts, and other intense workouts

• supports and compresses knee joint

• available in multiple sizes

Should Not Buy:

• not suitable for those who want extreme, serious knee support

• not designed for running and jogging

• not as affordable as other knee sleeve brands


- 3mm Neoprene sleeve for improved knee support

- 7” length offer 360-degree support and compressing sleeve

- Heat-pressed seam and embossed logo

- Improved durability and comfort

- Available in a variety of colors

Nordic Lifting3mmNeoprene$32.99

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