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Rogue 4 Person Worm

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Rogue 4 Person Worm

The Rogue 4 Person Worm is the ultimate piece of functional fitness equipment, designed to take your toughest workouts to the next level. Constructed from 11-guage steel and equipped with an extra-wide base frame, it is capable of supporting multiple users at the same time. Its adjustable steel worm handlebars offer superior stability and safety features, making it perfect for high-intensity workouts. The Worm also features an inclined stature to provide an optimal range of motion for many functional exercises. With 10 dual-layer foam pads and ergonomic handles for extra comfort, this workout machine is sure to motivate you for a great workout. In addition, it comes with easy-to-adjust height clips for varying resistance levels. With the Rogue 4 Person Worm, you'll be able to suffer the toughest workout with confidence, whether it's a CrossFit or powerlifting routine.


Pros & Cons


• Attractive, impressive design

• Unique, space-saving design

• Easy to assemble

• High-quality Construction

• Ability to continuously increase the difficulty of workouts


• Pricey

• Can take up a lot of space

• Not suitable for heavy weightlifting

• Not ideal for CrossFit workouts

Who Should Buy

Why You Should Buy:

• Durable and strong design

• Made from high quality materials

• Easy to assemble

• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

• Compact and lightweight design for easy carrying

• Cost effective solution for a home gym

Why You Should Not Buy:

• Limited to 4 person use

• More suitable for bodyweight exercises

• Limited amount of attachment accessories available


-Premium 11-gauge, 2x3" steel frame

-Individual or team setup with advanced rope and band configurations

-Includes 8' long Monster Lite Uprights

-Fully welded one-piece pull-up bars, with multiple grip options

-Compatible with any existing Monster Lite or Infinity series rig

-Compatible with any existing Summit Series modular rig

-29" rings with built-in hookgrip handles and smooth centerline adjustment

-Loadable sleeve offers up an extra 200+lbs of storage

-Bands, ropes, and monkey rigs included for additional training and lifting possibilities

4 pounds25’4’
66.6 pounds20’7.5’
62.3 pounds18’8.5’
71 pounds13’6’
71 pounds13’6’

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