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Rogue 7MM Knee Sleeve - Pair

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Rogue 7MM Knee Sleeve - Pair

The Rogue 7mm Knee Sleeve Red features a lightweight, durable design that is perfect for workouts of any level of intensity. Designed to provide extra support and stability to the knee joint while increasing explosiveness, this product was specifically designed by Rogue Fitness, the leader in fitness gear and equipment. The compression of the neoprene provides advanced warmth and support to the knee as well as improved proprioception, which is the body's ability to recognize and respond to the joint's location. The unique two-tab closure system with rubberized fabric allows for a more customizable fit. Other features include nylon and Kevlar outer layers that reduce wear and tear and ensure a longer product life while resisting damages from the environment. Ideal for athletes of all types and levels, this knee sleeve is perfect for athletes who are looking for greater performance and improved knee stability.

  • Rogue 7mm Knee Sleeve - Red - XS

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  • Rogue 7mm Knee Sleeve - Red - S

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  • Rogue 7mm Knee Sleeve - Red - M

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  • Rogue 7mm Knee Sleeve - Red - L

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  • Rogue 7mm Knee Sleeve - Red - XL

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Pros & Cons


• 7 mm neoprene Construction provides superior compression and support

• Lightweight and breathable design

• Help improve recovery and performance

• Help reduce chances of injury

• Increased mobility and flexibility


• Not suitable for athletes with sensitive skin

• Does not provide same durability as heavier duty knee sleeves

• Can slip down leg with extended use

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• Individuals who are looking to improve strength and mobility

• Athletes who are participating in weightlifting or powerlifting

• Crossfit athletes in need of sound protection and stability

Who should not buy:

• Individuals who are not looking to lift weights

• Individuals who are not interested in improving mobility or stability

• Individuals who do not want to spend money on knee protection


-Made with 7mm Neoprene

-Contoured design for better fit

-Reinforced stitching on both ends

-Breathable material helps keep you cool during workouts

-Provides compression and warmth for joint support

-Sold in pairs

ProductRogue Rogue 7MM Knee Sleeve - Pair3 Or 4 Most Similar Products
Material7 mm Neoprene7 mm Neoprene
Side PanelYesYes
Price$69.00$59.99 - $69.99

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