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Rogue Adjustable Monolift Accessories - Monster Lite

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Rogue Adjustable Monolift Accessories - Monster Lite

The Rogue Fitness Adjustable Monolift Monster Lite is a commercial-grade weightlifting piece of equipment. It is designed to provide the stability and safety required for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Its height can be adjusted from 19” up to 47.5” in 0.5” increments. The adjustable Monolift also features two J-hooks, positioned at various heights, to safely secure the barbell, allowing you to easily and quickly set up for Olympic lifts and power lifts without having to maneuver weight plates. And with a weight capacity of 1500lb, it is designed to be both stable and durable. The Adjustable Monolift Monster Lite is constructed with 11-gauge, 3x 3” steel uprights, featuring a black powder coat finish. The rigid and stable base utilizes 9 reinforced rubber feet to ensure stability, while the adjustable base uses 2 thick-walled bushing with bronze liners and 2 locking pop pins. Not only is this unit compact, but it also offers quick and easy portability with its foldable design, allowing you to transport it without much hassle. This adjustable Monolift also features several safety features, including the necessary frame brace, adjustable foot plates to increase stabilisation, and an adjustable handle shaft for improved security. The Rogue Fitness Adjustable Monolift Monster Lite offers an excellent combination of functionality and durability and is a great choice for professional and enthusiast weightlifters looking for a safe and secure lifting experience.

  • Monster Lite to Infinity Retrofit Kit - Pair

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  • Rogue Adjustable Monolift - Monster Lite

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Pros & Cons


• Allows for a larger variety of exercises and movement

•Heavy duty Construction for high quality and longevity

• Rubber foot safety stops

• Multiple size options for different needs

• Compatible with multiple types of barbell sets

• Quiet operation


• Expensive

• Heavy—difficult to move

• Weight limit of 1,000 lbs.

Who Should Buy

Who should buy?

• Those looking for a durable and adjustable monolift that is suitable for a variety of applications

• Those looking to save space in their home or garage gym

• Those looking for an affordable, yet top-quality, way to increase their lifting performance

Who should not buy?

• Those with limited budget constraints

• Those who only need a lightweight and basic monolift

• Those who don't need the adjustable features or heavy-duty construction of the Rogue Adjustable Monolift Monster Lite


•89" tall x 33" wide x 63" deep

•Accepts 2x3” 11-gauge steel tubes

•Height adjustment range of 7” from 26” – 33”

•Compatible with any rectangular-based power rack

•Mounting hardware, J-Cups, and Spotters included

•Custom colors and logos available with minimum order quantity of 4 sets

ProductWeight CapacityHeight AdjustmentPrice ($)
Rogue Rogue Adjustable Monolift Accessories - Monster Lite1,000 lb5-1/2"-8"$129.00
FringeSport Monolift Attachment2,000 lb8-11"$199
Titan utility Monolift Attachment2,000 lb6.5"-13"$159.95
Element Fitness Monolift Attachment1,200 lb7"-10.25"$149.99

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