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Rogue Athlete Cerakote Bella Bar - Davidsdottir Edition

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Rogue Athlete Cerakote Bella Bar - Davidsdottir Edition

The Rogue Athlete Bella Bar Cerakote - Davidsdottir is a highly durable and strong barbell designed to help athletes reach their maximum potential in the gym. This barbell is constructed from a blend of North American made alloy steel and 200,000-pound tensile strength steel, making for an incredibly dependable and hardwearing weightlifting experience. It also features precision grooved Olympic bearing sleeve rotation for smooth and consistent performance as you progress through the toughest lifts. The barbell is coated using a Cerakote Davidsdottir finish, making it both stylish and corrosion-resistant. The handles are machined for maximum comfort and knurled for a secure grip, and the center knurling is patented to provide advanced control during Olympic and powerlifting movements. The Rogue Athlete Bella Bar also boasts a weight capacity of 1500 pounds, meaning it can easily accommodate Olympic lifters and powerlifters alike. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is one of the most advanced barbells on the market.

  • The Bella Bar - Cerakote - Katrin Davidsdottir Edition

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Pros & Cons


• Made in the USA with quality material

• Cerakote Davidsdotter finish for a unique look

• mm steel shaft for strength and durability

• psi tensile strength for extreme workouts

• Self-lubricating bronze bushings

• crustal knurl marks for better grip and precise placement

• UHMW plastic composite sleeve liner helps absorb vibration


• Expensive compared to standard barbells

• Not ideal for beginner lifters due to higher tensile strength

• Shorter than standard Olympic bars (86.5")

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Professional weightlifters or athletes who require special equipment to help them reach their fitness goals

• People who are looking for a durable barbell that will last a long time and hold up well during heavy lifts

• People who want a piece of training equipment that looks visually appealing and is a great conversation starter

Should Not Buy:

• People who lift for recreational or general fitness purposes

• People who don’t want to spend a large amount of money on a single piece of training equipment

• People who need to lift very heavy weights (over 250lbs)


• 20KG Women's Barbell

• 190K PSI Tensile Strength

• 4 Bearings Per Sleeve

• Cerakote Finish

• 29mm Shaft Diameter

• Compatible with Change Plates from 1.25kg to 25kg

Rogue Rogue Athlete Cerakote Bella Bar - Davidsdottir EditionComparable Bar 1Comparable Bar 2Comparable Bar 3
Weight25 mm / 20 kg25 mm / 20 kg25 mm / 20 kg
Bar Dia28.5mm28.5mm28.5mm
Knurl PatternDual knurl marks and no center knurlDual knurl marks and no center knurlDual knurl marks and no center knurl
Cerakote FinishIron Grey & USA FlagMatte Black & Flat WhiteMatte Black & Flat Red
Loadable Sleeve Length16.4"16.4"16.4
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year

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