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Rogue Athlete Cerakote Bella Bar - Toomey Edition

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Rogue Athlete Cerakote Bella Bar - Toomey Edition

The Rogue Athlete Bella Bar Cerakote Toomey is the perfect balance of strength and style. This specialty barbell is designed to provide a workout worthy of any athlete, with a black Cerakote finish that turns heads while offering high levels of performance and durability. Made with a 190 KSI tensile strength, the Bella Bar offers an impressive 1555 lb. capacity, making it a solid choice for intermediate to advanced level users. Its 28.5” shaft length allows the bar to accommodate a variety of exercises, while the dual knurl marks make it ideal for Olympic lifts. What’s more, this barbell has a hybrid design that combines a stiffer, uncontrolled spinning sleeve similar to a powerlifting barbell with a controlled special-coating bearing system found in Olympic lifting bars – allowing for smooth, consistent spins during traditional Olympic lifts. Overall, the Rogue Athlete Bella Bar Cerakote Toomey is great for athletes seeking a barbell with high capacity and durability. Plus, with its black Cerakote finish, this barbell is sure to become the centerpiece of any gym or lifting space.

  • The Bella Bar - Cerakote - Tia-Clair Toomey Edition

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Pros & Cons


• Made from high-quality alloy steel

• Cerakote finish for extra protection

• Many available cerakote colors

• Available in several lengths

• Designed for both pull-ups and Olympic lifting

• Textured for a secure grip


• More expensive than other similar products

• Not suitable for some types of exercises

• Difficult to transport due to its weight

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Weightlifters or CrossFitters looking for an attractive barbell that performs well

• Any athlete that prefers high-quality bars to cheaper models

• People who prefer aggressive knurling

Who Should Not Buy:

• People on a tight budget, as this bar is more expensive than some alternatives

• People who use Olympic lifts, as the manufacturer doesn't explicitly recommend it for those uses

• People who prefer a lighter bar, as it weighs 44lbs.


- 208K Tensile Strength

Rogue Rogue Athlete Cerakote Bella Bar – Toomey Edition86.5 Inches29 MM20 KG$795
Rogue Ohio Bar – Cerakote Black Zinc86.5 Inches28.5 MM20KG$235
American Barbell Stainless Steel Power Bar (V2)86 Inches29 MM20KG$365
Ohio Power Bar - Cerakote86.5 Inches28.5 MM20KG$325
Rogue S-2 Power Bar92.5 Inches28.5 MM20KG$395

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