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Rogue Boneyard T-5KG Technique Bar

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Rogue Boneyard T-5KG Technique Bar

Rogue Boneyard Technique Bars are stainless steel specialty bars designed for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting techniques. With a specially designed knurling and flexible end caps, these bars are perfect for working out at home and in the gym. The 5kg bars boast a 200,000 PSI rating, meaning they are able to hold up to the most demanding lifts with ease. The bars also feature cut-outs at the center of the sleeve, allowing you to put up to five Olympic plates on either side. With their unique knurling and no center knurling, the bar allows athletes to focus on their grip or technique while they lift. The stainless steel construction is incredibly hardy and provides superior grip. The bar also features dual knurl depth, allowing athletes to customize their grip depending on their preference. Perfect for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and other movements, these 5kg bars provide a dependable and long-lasting piece of equipment to any athlete’s training regimen.

  • Boneyard Rogue T-5KG Technique Bar

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Pros & Cons


• Creates a soft and easy on the hands workout

• Highly durable and won't bend or warp

• Lightweight and easy to maneuver

• Smooth spinning sleeves with no end caps

• Low cost option from trusted brand


• Limited to 5kg and not adjustable

• Not suitable for Olympic lifts

• Smaller sleeves diameter than regular olympic bars

Who Should Buy

Reasons to buy:

• Affordable price

• Rogue's lifetime warranty

• Perfect for technique drills and lighter weight lifting

Reasons not to buy:

• Only available in 5 kg weight

• Does not have standard diameter for olympic weight plates


-29mm Diameter

-215,000 PSI Tensile Strength

-190,000 PSI Yield Strength

-175k Tensile Modulus

-Magnetic-Resonance Intensified Steel

-Dual-Knurl Marks for Olympic and Power Lifting

-Medium, Aggressive Knurl

-No Center Knurl

-6' Long Bar

-Cerakote Black Sleeve and Shaft Finish

ProductWeightLengthKnurlingCenter KnurlPrice
Rogue Rogue Boneyard T-5KG Technique Bar5 kg155 cmNoneNo$139
Rep T-3 Shorty Technique Bar2.15 kg85 cmNoneNo$109
Fringe Sport WOD Bar15 kg158 cmModerateSingle$179
Rep Olympic WL Bar20 kg218 cmModerateYes$179
Fringe Sport Monolift Bar15 kg86 cmNoneNo$199

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