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Rogue USA Aluminum Collars - Cerakote

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Rogue USA Aluminum Collars - Cerakote

Rogue Cerakote USA aluminum collars provide a durable, secure hold on any Olympic or calibrated barbell. They feature aluminum construction with a tough Cerakote coating to protect them against rust and corrosion. They are built strong to handle any workout and are designed with two reinforcing bands for a firm grip. The 8mm through-hole allows for easy and secure handling. Each pair includes an American flag for an extra patriotic touch. The Cerakote USA Aluminum Collars boast a lightweight design that ensures superior performance. Thanks to 4mm thick synthetic rubber bands, they won’t slip, shift or open up when being dropped on the ground. Additionally, they feature stainless steel screws that won't strip or rust while being tightened. The Rogue Cerakote USA Aluminum Collars will fit any Olympic or calibrated barbell and are sold in pairs. Weight tolerance is 90 kgs.

  • Rogue USA Aluminum Collars - Cerakote Black

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  • Rogue USA Aluminum Collars - Cerakote - Navy

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  • Rogue USA Aluminum Collars - Cerakote - OD Green

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  • Rogue USA Aluminum Collars - Cerakote Purple

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  • Rogue USA Aluminum Collars - Cerakote Blue

    In Stock


  • Rogue USA Aluminum Collars - Cerakote Red

    In Stock


Pros & Cons

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• PRO:

• Durable Cerakote Finish that prevents rust and other corrosion

• Non-marking rubber underside prevents noise and sliding

• Lock-jaw function for one-handed operation

• 2-piece Construction with replaceable UHWM plastic bushing

• Lightweight and low-profile design

• CON:

• Expensive compared to other models

• Not compatible with other brands

• Can be difficult to install

• Replacement parts can be hard to find

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

-Made from quality materials

-Secure grip and durability

-Made in the USA

-Easy to use

-Stylish design

Should Not Buy:

-High price point

-Only available in one color


• Made in the USA

• Alloy Steel Construction

• Cerakote Finish

• Precision 54mm interior circumference

• Must-have inside sleeve to help retain collar shape

• Fixed bolt system ensures a lasting connection

• 642.5 mm in external circumference

• 9.53mm in width

• Blue PVC Shock-absorbing insert with Rogue logo

• Rust and abrasion resistance

• Weight ranges from 9.5 to 11.2oz (depending on size)

ProductPriceMaterialColor Available
Rogue USA Aluminum Collars - Cerakote$$AluminumBlack/White/Green/Tan/Blue
Pendlay Elite$$$7075 AluminumBlack
LockJaw Oly 2.0$$$17-4 Stainless SteelBlack/Grey
Proloc Olympic Collar$$Nylon/SteelBlack/Blue/Red
Rep Lockjaw Pro$$AluminumBlack

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