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Rogue Chalk Bag

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Rogue Chalk Bag

The Rogue Chalk Bag is a great accessory for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. It is a cylindrical nylon bag with an offset, double drawstring closure, topped with a V-shaped flapped opening for easy access to your chalk. The bag comes in a classic black color and is constructed from a durable, 600D polyester and nylon blend fabric, making it hard-wearing and long-lasting. The Rogue Chalk Bag is designed to be interchanged with various clips and buckles, making it suitable for a range of different activities. It features a reinforced, double-stitched bottom, with a drawcord lined expansion notch so you can precisely adjust it to the amount of chalk you need. The V-shaped opening is conveniently shaped for an easy pouring motion. It also comes with a drawstring cord that can easily be adjusted to secure your chalk. This bag is also equipped with a carabiner loop and an adjustable hip strap, making it easy to clip it onto a belt loop or backpack strap and have it stay in place while you work out. This Rogue Chalk Bag also has an anti-slip base, allowing for better grip when doing floor exercises. The slim profile of this bag allows for a comfortable yet snug fit. This bag is the ideal accessory for rock climbers, gym goers, athletes or anyone who wants to maximize their performance through the use of chalk. It is also perfect for gym workouts, barbell sports, and Olympic weightlifting. Overall, this is an excellent chalk bag that is highly functional, stylish and reliable. It is designed to withstand the toughest exercises and provide maximum grip and stability. Whether you need a bag for gym training, bouldering, or weightlifting, the Rogue Chalk Bag is the perfect accessory.


Pros & Cons


• durable material

• lightweight

• adjustable strap

• spacious design

• air pocket for air circulation


• not waterproof

• doesn't come with chalk

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for a high-quality, durable chalk bag

• CrossFit athletes and serious weightlifters

• Individuals who prefer a traditional rounded chalk bag shape

Who Should Not Buy:

• Individuals not looking for a traditional rounded chalk bag shape

• Those looking for a small chalk bag to carry in their pocket

• Those who are looking for an affordable option


- Made from durable 1000 denier material

- Available in six colors

- 4” x 4.5”x 4” packsack head

- 10” drawstring opening

- Includes adjustable shoulder strap

- Red liner for easier chalk dispensing.

Rogue Rogue2.4 oz4.5 x 4$19.5
Arc'teryx2.5 oz4.3 x 4.7$24.00
Metolius2.9 oz4 x 4.3$19.95
Wild Country2.3 oz4.3 x 4.8$15.48

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