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Rogue Comp Matting - 10'

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Rogue Comp Matting - 10'

-long The Rogue Comp Matting 10' Long is an ideal solution for providing a low cost, durable, and heavy duty matting solution for athletic areas and facilities. These mats are 10 feet in length and made from a high density closed cell PVC foam which provides excellent cushioning and durability. The mats are easily connected and overlapping with straight edges used to reduce trip hazards and increase safety. The one-piece construction of this matting allows for installation in one quick and easy step with no assembly required. The non-porous surface won't absorb liquids and are easy to clean and maintain. The ridged surface provides excellent traction for running and jumping activities. The Rogue Comp Matting 10' Long is perfect for weight training, sled Drills, and other high intensity activities. It is also resistant to mold and mildew so it can be used outdoors safely as desired.


Pros & Cons


• Durable rubber Construction

• Anti-slip texture

• Available in multiple colors

• Easy to install and configure

• Low-maintenance

• Great support for weightlifting and cardio exercises

• Can be used for home, office, or gym

• Affordable


• Not suitable for hard surfaces

• Can be slippery when wet

• Not ideal for all surfaces

• Limited customization options

• Not suitable for extreme temperatures

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking for an easy to install 1.5” thick mat for their home or garage gym

• Those looking for a high-quality, durable mat

• Those looking for the best protection possible for their gym floor

• Those who want an affordable, yet well-made mat

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for a mat very inexpensive mat

• Those looking for a mat with more than 1.5” of cushioning

• Those who are not willing to invest in quality products


- 10' x 1/2" thick

- Vinyl surface bonded to closed-cell EVA foam

- Weight per tile: 4.8 lb.

- Waterproof

- UV resistant

- Resistant to staining & mildew

- Non-absorbent, will not rot or swell

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Easy to cut and install

- Compact & lightweight for transport

- Durable: can support heavy weights and impact activities

Rogue Rogue Comp Matting - 10'Product 1Product 2Product 3
Weight52 lbs34 lbs42 lbs63 lbs

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