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Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower

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Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower

The Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower provides a rugged, high-quality cable pulley setup for a variety of exercises. This tower is fashioned with 11gauge steel that has a black powdercoat finish, offering an exceptionally durable and premium look. The 11-gauge steel frame stands at eight feet tall and has four individual columns each packed with heavy-duty bearings that are designed for a smooth and controlled pulley action. This unit offers a variety of ways to customize your workout with its five pullup bars, height-adjustable lower arms, upper arm bar, and pair of single handles. An extra-wide 23-inch base offers maximum stability when lifting heavier weights, providing added safety and comfort. The unit also bends slightly inward, so the user is in a safer, more ergonomic position while lifting. As with any major purchase, it is important to make sure all the necessary components are included so that installation is quick and easy. The Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower comes with four deep-recessed Allen head bolts to attach the cross members and two single-hole bolts to anchor the uprights. It also includes cable units, straps, and attachment loops for added convenience. The Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower is a comprehensive, reinforced solution for any strength training needs. Its high-end construction, stability, and adjustability make it ideal for a variety of exercises, from strength training to rehabilitation.

  • Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower

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  • Single Handle Cable Attachment

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Pros & Cons


• Space efficient design featuring a small footprint

• Easy-to-read cable tension gauge

• High-performance roller bearing pulley system

• Multiple adjustable levels for a great range of motion

- Durable 11-gauge steel Construction


• Expensive price tag

• Must be purchased with additional pulleys and accessories to perform different exercises

• No attachment for pull-up bar included with initial purchase.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• If you’re looking for an all-in-one complete weight training solution.

• If you want a multi-functional and highly flexible cable tower designed for a range of fitness levels, ability, and exercises.

• If you have limited storage space.

• If you want your equipment to be durable and built to last.

Who Shouldn't Buy:

• If you do not have enough room for the product.

• If you are not interested in doing weight training.

• If you do not have the budget for this product.

• If you are looking for a equipment that has built-in programs and is automated.


•Robust powder-coated steel construction

•Height-adjustable between 48” – 95”

•Minimal footprint of 2’ by 2.5’

•Versatile cable training options

•Modular frames for easy expansion

•430 lbs weight capacity

•Max adjustable pull weight: 128 lbs

Product NameNumber of CablesHeight (cm)Weight (kg)Price ($)
Rogue Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower389013.6399.99
American Barbell Power Tanke Cable Tower2113525.71, 199.00
Body-Solid Pro-Select Cable Crossover1720073.82,940.00
Valor Fitness BC-11 Cable Column2511821.5899.00
Body Solid MWB10 Multi-Press Wall2016117.2549.00

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