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Rogue Cube Strongman Sandbags

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Rogue Cube Strongman Sandbags

The Rogue Cube Strongman Sandbag is an appealing and well-crafted piece of strength training equipment that is perfect for anyone looking to build up their power. This sandbag features 1000D Cordura fabric, making it incredibly durable and robust, while double stitching adds support and ensure the bag’s longevity. The sandbag comes with a set of heavy duty handles, which are designed to give you a comfortable and secure grip when carrying, throwing, or lifting the bag. The ITW Nexus Airloc clips provide you with additional stability when handling, and the sewn-in D-rings make for an easy attachment to other equipment or for use with strength training bands. This sandbag is also adjustable, with 19 different fill levels, giving users the capability to tailor their workload and to increase or decrease the weight depending on their training goals. The Rogue Cube Strongman Sandbag is ideal for those looking for a piece of sturdy and reliable equipment for strength training and various workout needs.

  • Rogue Cube Strongman Bags - 100LB

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  • Rogue Cube Strongman Bags - 150LB

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  • Rogue Cube Strongman Bags - 200LB

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Pros & Cons


- Durable Construction

• Easy to use multiple-handle design

• Available in four sizes to fit any user

• Convenient to customize the weight load

• Resistant to deterioration caused by exposure to weather


• Heavy and difficult to transport

• Filling the sandbag requires a time-intensive process

• Limited customization options for the weight load

• Expensive compared to other types of home fitness equipment

Who Should Buy


• High quality and durable construction

• Fills easily and quickly

• Variety of sizes and load capacities

• Perfect for functional training, CrossFit, or strength and conditioning exercises


• If you’re not looking for a piece of equipment specifically for strongman training

• If you are looking to save money on a piece of equipment: the Rogue Cube carries a higher price tag than other types of sandbags.


- 420D nylon shell

Heavy-duty, double stitched, reinforced handles

- Marine-grade vinyl base

- Customizable weight from 25lbs - 200lbs

- Removable and adjustable inner sandbag

- 100% filled with sand

ProductMax weightMaterialShapeFeatures
Rogue Cube Strongman Sandbag140lbsNylonCubeFillable, Adjustable Fill Weight, Heavy Duty Zipper
GoFit Leather/Polyester Sandbag55 & 90lbsLeather/PolyesterGranulated FillableReinforced Wear-Points, Lock Rivet Anchoring, Granulated fillable molecules
Power Guidance Versatile Sport Sand bag50lbsNylon4 Chamber Design4 chamber Design ,Fillable, Adjustable Weights, Easily Carried and Stored
The Power Core Sandbag30lbsNylon5 Chamber DesignFillable. Flexible Shell, Strong Entry point, Internal Reinforcement
Cap Barbell Filled Sandbag100lbsNylonRectangular Binary DesignFillable, Non Slip Exterior, Unique Binary Design, Durable Grip Handles

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