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Rogue DB25-10 Loadable Dumbbell

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Rogue DB25-10 Loadable Dumbbell

The Rogue DB-25 10-Loadable Dumbbells are adjustable free weight dumbbells, allowing you to get the most out of your home gym. This equipment is ideal for people looking to challenge themselves with progressively heavier weights. It comes with 10 weight plates in 2.5kg increments, meaning that you can dial in with perfect precision for your chosen weight. With the Rogue DB-25 you can easily switch between multiple weights without having to move or even pick up heavy plates. You can quickly and easily adjust the weights in 10kg increments from 10kg to 25kg. The Rogue DB-25 features a robust and stable construction, composed of an ergonomic rubber handle and steel plate base. The rubber handle is designed to provide an optimal grip, giving you an enhanced workout experience. The design also achieves low noise levels and protects the floor from scratches. The steel plate ensures the weight plates are stable and secure when in use, giving you the peace of mind that your dumbbells won’t slip or move in operation. The Rogue DB-25 is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a range of activities including strength training, toning and conditioning, as well as aerobic exercises. Due to its design, it can also be safely stored between workouts. Overall, the Rogue DB-25 10-Loadable Dumbbells offer both convenience and a great workout experience.

  • Rogue DB25-10 Loadable Dumbbell - No Collars

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  • Rogue DB25-10 Loadable Dumbbell w/ Rogue OSO Collars - OSO Collars Included

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Pros & Cons


• Smooth grip and feel

• Available in pairs or singles

• Features a synthetic rubber and urethane shell for longevity

• Can be loaded with up to 10lbs of steel change plates and bolts

• Highly adjustable

• Offers an easy-to-load, unique design


• Expensive compared to traditional dumbbells

• Limited load capacity and weight range

• Weight is not adjustable

• Requires additional components to load, such as steel change plates and bolts

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Premium steel construction for an elite gym strength training experience from the comfort of your home

• Revolutionary dual-locking mechanism for secure loading and unloading

• Loadable up to 25 lbs of weights to customize and challenge workouts

• Compact design for easy storage

Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for a budget-friendly option

• Those who prefer weight machines over free weights

• Those who do not have adequate storage space for the dumbbells


-Made in the USA

-Machined steel heads

-25 LB overall weight

-228 MM handle width

-Fits on standard weight horn

-Black zinc coated handle

-Engraved Rogue branding

-7" Loadable sleeve length

Weight RangeWeight Increments
10-50lbs2.5 & 5lbs
0.5-80lbs2.5 - 10lbs
5-50lbs2.5 & 5lbs
0.5-90lbs2.5 -25lbs
0.5 – 52.5lbs2.5 - 10lbs

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