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Rogue Donkey

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Rogue Donkey

-kettlebell The Rogue Donkey Kettlebell is designed to hold up to the toughest heavy-duty workouts and offer a more complete and efficient experience during strength training. Made from solid steel, it is strong and durable, with a robust design that can handle even the most intense workouts. This kettlebell features a slightly wider handle than many competitors, allowing for a more comfortable and controlled grip. The handle is knurled to provide additional grip, which is also enhanced by its widened base, making it ideal for Snatches and other movements where a steady hold is required. The Rogue Donkey Kettlebell has a matte powder coat finish that keeps it safe from rust and other damage. It also has a unique marking system on it, which allows for easy identification of the weight and making it easier to track your progress. The overall design and construction of this kettlebell make it perfect for anyone looking for a great, versatile kettlebell that holds up to the toughest workouts and provides enhanced performance. With its quality construction and design, the Rogue Donkey Kettlebell is an investment that will last.

  • Rogue Donkey

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  • Rogue Donkey Add-On

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Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction

• Versatile

• Space saving

• Suitable for any height

• Total body workout

• Adjustable weight


• Expensive

• Minimum weight of 50lbs

• No instructional videos or manuals

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

- People looking to save space in a home gym

- People who want to combine multiple exercises into one movement

- People looking for a great core workout

Who Should Not Buy

- People with limited space in their home gym

- People who are unfamiliar with the different exercises available on the Rogue Donkey

- People who do not have a solid grasp of their own physical capabilities and limitations


• Adjustable height range from 6'-8'

• Accommodates users up to 400lbs

• Dimensions are 36” wide x 106" long x 92-108" high

• Folds up to 28" wide x 40" long x 74" high

• Hand-welded 11 gauge steel

• Heavy-duty 0.5” pop pins

• Telescopic pull-up bar with range from 92” to 108”

• 25” wide x 40” long x 4” thick wood board

• Inertia Reece system for natural range of motion

• 1" hole spacing in both directions for versatile accessory mounting

Item WeightWattageRPMHandlesPacking
Item WeightWattageRPMHandlesPacking
27.3lbs1100w12500 to 180001Plastic Bag & Foam
Item WeightWattageRPMHandlesPacking
23.7lbs1100w11000 to 181001Blister Pack
Item WeightWattageRPMHandlesPacking
24.9lbs1100w13500 to 173001Blister Pack
Item WeightWattageRPMHandlesPacking
22lbs800w13500 to 173001Blister Pack

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