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Rogue Groove Sleeve KG Comp Collars (Pair)

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Rogue Groove Sleeve KG Comp Collars (Pair)

The Rogue Groove Sleeve KG Competition Collars are a specialty product designed to keep barbell plates securely attached when lifting heavy weights during tough competition. Made with a stainless steel design and a strong expandable guide clip, these competition collars are designed with the most rigorous lifts in mind. The collars feature a number of grooved cutouts along the inside edge which effectively reduce the amount of bar vibrating when plates are added. Additionally, the expandable clip ensures that weights are unable to shift or slide during use. These competition collars also come with toughened nylon clips that make it easier to slip them on and off while providing plenty of grip. The collars are designed to accommodate KG plates and are sold as a set of two. They have a weight capacity of 450kg per collar and come with a lifetime warranty. The Rogue Groove Sleeve KG Competition Collars are the perfect choice for those pushing their limits in tough competition.


Pros & Cons


• Lock tight: secure grip to keep weights from slipping off during lifts

• Durable: Constructed from solid nylon for long-lasting performance

• Lightweight: designed to be lightweight and sporty

• Ergonomic: specially designed with rounded edges for comfort

• Adjustable: adjustable cam-lever closure for secure fit


• Expensive: may be costly for some users

• Incompatible: not suitable for some plates with narrower openings

Who Should Buy

People who should buy the Rogue Groove Sleeve KG Competition Collars include professional weightlifters, athletes, and CrossFitters who are looking for competition-grade weightlifting collars that will remain securely fastened during their workouts. Anyone looking for a lower-priced, lower-quality weightlifting collar should look elsewhere.


-Made of 7075 T6 Aluminium for strength and durability

-Precision welded ring for secure fit

-Comes with 2 safety rings, one for each collar

-2.5 inch inner sleeve width

-17mm collar width

-Anodized red coating with laser-etched Rogue branding

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1,500 lbs1,000 lbs
2.9 lbs3 lbs
Twist LockTwist Lock

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