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Rogue Gym Banners

Rogue Gym Banners are an excellent way to add a professional and personalized touch to your gym or training center. These banners are made from premium polyester fabric, making them incredibly durable and tear-resistant. The banners can be customized with your logo and banners, allowing you to add a personal touch to your gym or center. The banners come in several sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, to fit your needs. The eye-catching colors and graphics will stand out and add to the atmosphere of your space. The banners come with hanging hardware, making them easy to hang and display in your gym. The banners are lightweight and come with a reinforced edge, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of an active training center. The bold and vibrant graphics will create an impressive visual statement and impress customers. Rogue Gym Banners are an inexpensive and effective way to showcase your gym and create a unique and lasting impression.

  • Rogue Banner - 2x5'

    In Stock


  • Rogue Banner - 3x8'

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Bright, bold design

• Heavy-duty vinyl material

• UV-resistant inks

• Grommets along the edges for easy hanging

• Available in various sizes


• Expensive cost

• Can only be used for decoration (not for performance exercises)

• Fairly large size makes them impractical to bring to events or competitions

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who need a reliable and aesthetically pleasing way to identify their gym

• Those who want to showcase their dedication to the Rogue brand through a gym banner

• Those who want to add a professional and unique look to their gym

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who do not have the budget to purchase rogue gym banners

• Those who are looking to buy gym banners that are not related to the Rogue brand

• Those who are not interested in promoting the positive aspects of the Rogue brand


- Durable, tear proof vinyl

- Large 24" x 55" size

- High-resolution, full-color art

- Printed with outdoor 6-color commercial digital printer

- 1.5" diameter metal grommets

- Free USA Shipping

Max WidthImage QualityPrice
48"600 DPI$16.95
60"1200 DPI$34.99
36"1440 DPI$24.95
Max WidthImage QualityPrice
24"720 DPI$19.99
48"600 DPI$16.95
60"1200 DPI$34.99
36"1440 DPI$24.95

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