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Rogue Heavy Rail - Monster Lite

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Rogue Heavy Rail - Monster Lite

The Rogue Heavy Rail Monster Lite is a rack system that can provide an effective and reliable workout experience. This is a robust and versatile system that is designed for both fun and functional use, allowing for heavier loads and more extreme lifts. The system consists of four Monster Lite upright columns, two 45-inch by 48-inch 12-gauge steel Monster Lite horizontal uprights, and hardware for attachment of optional accessories. The columns have a durable powder coat finish that is resistant to scratches and deformities, and the uprights feature 3x3-inch 11-gauge steel construction for added strength and stability. Optional accessories for the rack include band pegs, safety spotters, and dip handles. With a weight capacity of 800 lbs, this rack is ideal for high-intensity lifts, squats, and other power exercises. The Monster Lite series is backed by Rogue's reliable 2x3-inch steel construction and is compatible with all 2-inch hole accessories in the Rogue catalog. The perfect solution for those seeking the ultimate workout experience.

  • Rogue Heavy Rail - Monster Lite

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  • Rogue Heavy Rail - Monster Lite - 4' Add-on Kit

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  • Landmine Single

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  • Monster Lite/Infinity Horizontal Mount Single Bar Holder - Monster Lite/Infinity Horizontal Mount Single Bar Holder

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  • Monster Lite Plate Storage Channel - Pair

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  • Rogue ML/Infinity Rope Attachment Anchor

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Pros & Cons


-Heavy-duty Construction provides long-lasting durability

• x2” 11 gauge steel

• upright posts

• Almost 4 feet of useable hanging area

• Fully bolted construction for added strength

• Quite versatile for many strength and gymnastics training needs

• Simple to assemble


• Price can be relatively expensive

• Difficult to transport

• Heavy weight makes installation a two-person job

Who Should Buy

This product is specifically designed for heavy lifters who are looking to upgrade their home gym experience. Amateur lifters, those just starting out in fitness, and those not interested in heavy lifting should avoid this product.


- Constructed from 3x3” 11-gauge steel

- Crossmembers welded at 4” and 2” on-center

- Includes mounting hardware

- Available in standard lengths of 4’, 8’, and 12’

- Fixed plates located 12” on-center

- Black powder coat finish

- Includes rubber strip insert to reduce noise and protect finish from abrasion

ProductHeightWidthLoad Capacity
Rogue Rogue Heavy Rail2.75"2"1000 lbs
Rogue Monster Lite2.25”2”1000 lbs
Rogue Monster Lite Multi Grip2.25”2”1000 lbs
Rogue Reversible Plyo Boxes2.25”2”500 lbs
Rogue Landing Pad2”2”800 lbs

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