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Rogue Hybrid Power Bar

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Rogue Hybrid Power Bar

-black-zinc The Rogue Hybrid Power Bar Black Zinc is an Olympic weightlifting barbell designed to meet the needs of hardcore strength athletes. This barbell is constructed with precision engineering and boasts a unique blend of composite materials for a superior lift. The shaft of the bar is crafted from a tensegrity composite of spring steel and an ultra-strong carbon steel sleeve, creating a bar that is significantly stronger than traditional steel bars. This barbell is finished with black zinc and has a smooth, polished surface for an aesthetically pleasing and professional look. The barbell is equipped with high-grade snap rings that provide a secure grip and smooth rotational spin for snatches, cleans, and jerks. The center knurl helps you maintain the optimal grip for maximum lift, along with the aggressive knurling that provides aggressive grip and control during power lifts. The Hybrid Power Bar Black Zinc also features a dual-azimuth knurl pattern that provides a variety of gripping options along its full length. Durability and longevity are also important features of the Hybrid Power Bar. Its high-grade composite shaft and extreme tensile strength creates a bar that can withstand heavy loads and thousands of repetitions in a variety of settings. The bronze bushings also ensure a smooth rotation that protects the barbell from premature wear and tear. Overall, the Rogue Hybrid Power Bar Black Zinc offers a superior lift and professional look perfect for serious strength athletes. Its unique design, powerful materials, and precision engineering make it an ideal barbell for any demanding training regimen.


Pros & Cons


• Strong knurl grip provides positive grip

• 195,000 PSI tensile strength steel alloy Construction provides extreme durability

• Center knurl on bar

• mm shaft diameter

• Bronze bushings for smooth bar rotation

• Self-lubricating oil grooves

• mm stainless steel collar diameter


• Limited coverage under warranty

• Limited availability in different finishes and sleeves

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-If you're looking for a hybrid bar that offers the benefits of both a powerlifting barbell and a weightlifting barbell

-If you want to maximize your training potential

-If you're looking for a bar with the best of both worlds

Who Should Not Buy:

-If you're looking for a specialized bar for either powerlifting or weightlifting

-If you're on a tight budget and don't want to invest in a hybrid bar

-If you're looking for a bar with a lot of extra features such as knurling and grip options


-Certified by the International Weightlifting Federation

-29 MM diameter shaft

-200,000 PSI tensile strength

-220,000 PSI tensile steel

-Bronze Bushings

-Highly Polished, chrome finish

-Knurling divided into two distinct sections

-Center knurling for improved stability

-Aggressive outer knurling for increased grip

-8.2" loadable sleeve length

-Compatible with Olympic plates only

-28.5 mm diameter inside collar openings

-Bearing and bushing radial tolerances held to +/- .005"

-1600 LB "test force" rating

Rogue Rogue Hybrid Power BarProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Total Weight20 kg18 kg20 kg
Sleeve CoatingHard ChromeChromeChrome
Knurl MarkingsDualExpertDual
Center KnurlNoYesNo

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