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Rogue Loadable Kettlebell

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Rogue Loadable Kettlebell

s Rogue Loadable Kettlebells are a type of strength training equipment made from a steel bell attached to a handle. The bell is filled with up to 140 pounds of weight, which can be adjusted and loaded by weight plates to increase the difficulty of each workout. The kettlebell handle is made of knurled chrome and can accommodate any Olympic plate with a hole size of 2 inches or less. The Rogue Loadable Kettlebells are ideal for any strength training workout, including CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and HIIT. They are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip, while the bell is made from steel which is durable and able to withstand the rigors of any strength training session. The loadable kettlebells feature adjustable weight options, allowing users to easily adjust the weight in 5 lbs increments and up to 140 lbs. Additionally, this type of kettlebell offers greater mobility than traditional kettlebells and is designed for easy storage. The bottom, flat shape also helps reduce flooring marks and damage. The Rogue Loadable Kettlebells are a great choice for anyone looking to up their strength training game. With its adjustable weight, ergonomic design and durable construction, these kettlebells are sure to help you get the most out of your strength training regimen.

  • Rogue Loadable Kettlebell (Full Kit)

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  • Rogue Loadable Kettlebell (Base Only)

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Pros & Cons


• Easy to ship and store

• High-grade iron Construction

• Allows users to adjust weight as needed

• Variety of handles for ease of use

• Multiple configurations available


• More expensive than a traditional kettlebell

• Larger footprint due to long handles length

• Can be cumbersome to switch out weights

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy This Product

• Those who are interested in full-body workouts that don’t require large pieces of equipment

• Those looking to gain strength and flexibility

• Those who have limited available space

• Those who want to save money by buying one product instead of multiple

Who Should Not Buy This Product

• Those who prefer using free weights or machines rather than kettlebells

• Those who have a lot of space for larger pieces of equipment

• Those who are not very physically active

• Those who are on a very tight budget


-Constructed of durable composite rubber

-Loadable from 8 lbs to 88 lbs

-Weight increment of 8 lbs

-Interior core of cast iron

-Modern design with a slightly textured surface

-Available in black or grey colors

-Total length of 15"

-Handle width of 1.25"

Rogue Loadable KettlebellProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Handle Diameter2.162.162.32
Flange Diameter5.755.56.25
Shell Thickness3.23.24
Pairable with KG platesYesYesNo

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