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Rogue MG-4F Multi Grip Bar

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Rogue MG-4F Multi Grip Bar

The Rogue MG-4F Multi-Grip Bar is a versatile and durable barbell designed for powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. It has a steel shaft with four fixed multi-grip handles for varied hand placements, making it a great choice for deadlifts and shrugs. An added unique feature is the center knurling, which runs the entire length of the bar, creating a smooth and secure grip for the lifter no matter which way they're lifting. Each handle has an angled patter cut into the steel shaft, giving each handle a secure and ergonomic fit. The bar itself is made from high-grade North American steel and finished with a black zinc coating, ensuring maximum durability and corrosion resistance. Finally, the bar is machined and tested to guarantee accuracy for weightlifting and powerlifting movements. With a 250,000 PSI tensile strength and a 1000lb weight rating, the Rogue MG-4F Multi-Grip Bar is a reliable and effective tool for managing heavy and intense workouts.

  • Rogue MG-4F Multi Grip Bar

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Pros & Cons


• grip positions, allowing for multiple exercises from one bar

• Each end of the bar has varying grips to further customize the bar for specific exercises

• Freedom to choose grips in either Olympic or standard size, and the knurling is designed to accommodate both sizes

• Two-piece Construction for added durability

• Made with quality materials, with all four grip areas individually knurled for secure grip

• Zero maintenance since there are no moving parts


• Heavier than a standard barbell

• Narrow spacing of multiple grip positions may not fit some user’s hands

• Not intended to replace Olympic barbell exercises

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

• Those wanting an adjustable, multi-grip barbell that is suitable for training in any setting

• Those looking for a top tier barbell that will last, featuring a lifetime warranty

• Those looking for a reliable barbell with optimal flexibility for various types of exercises

Who should not buy:

• Those who are not looking for a top tier, adjustable barbell

• Those not wanting a durable barbell with a lifetime warranty

• Those who don't need the versatility of multiple grip positions for various exercises


-Length: 2105mm (82.8")

-Weight: 20kg (44.1lb.)

-Grip Widths: 511mm (20.1") - 686mm (27.0")

-Sleeve Collars: 2" x 4.25" Diameter Solid Steel

-Knurling: Dual IWF & IPF - Spec

-Bushing System: Precision Bearing System with 5 Bushings

-Finish: color-coated or stainless steel

Rogue MG-4F Multi Grip BarSimilar Bar 1Similar Bar 2Similar Bar 3
31.5 lbs15 lbs30 lbs22 lbs
TIG-welded jointTIG-welded JointTIG-welded JointTIG-welded Joint
Manganese shaftManganese shaftManganese shaftManganese shaft
Tapered loadable sleeveBushing SleeveBearing SleeveBushing Sleeve
Copper Alloy SleevesSteel SleevesSteel SleevesSteel Sleeves

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