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Rogue Monster Mini Feet

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Rogue Monster Mini Feet

The Rogue Monster Mini Feet are an economical platform set that provides an ideal base for athletes to perform a variety of strength and conditioning exercises. Built with heavy-duty construction and measuring at 12in x 12in, these elliptical-shaped platforms are designed to provide maximum stability and durability, while still being lightweight and easily moveable. The robust steel construction ensures the Mini Feet will stand up to the heavy loads and repetitions of even the most advanced users. Each set includes two Monster Mini Feet per pack, which have an adjustable height range of 1.5in to 5in, for all skill levels and heights, including kids. The low profile shape is great for exercises such as bench press, ab workouts, and box jumps. The rubber feet protect floors and provide traction, reducing the risk of sliding or slipping. The included patented locking pin allows for quick and easy set-up and take-down. The Monster Mini Feet are a great cost-effective choice for athletes of all levels who are looking for an affordable and durable platform. Perfect for a home gym, the Monster Mini Feet can also be used for a variety of exercises in the gym setting. By providing stability and durability, the Monster Mini Feet are an ideal choice for athletes looking to get the most out of their lifting and conditioning.


Pros & Cons


- Durable Construction with quality materials

• Protects floors and reduces noise

• Can be used to stabilize various pieces of equipment

• Easy to install in most spaces

• Perfect for providing added stability to squat stands or rigs


• Not adjustable for different heights

• May be too large for certain applications

• Can be difficult to install in tight spaces

• Not compatible with some Rogues rigs

• Installation instructions are unclear for some users

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Durable construction for long lasting use

• Compatible with wide variety of rigs and racks

• Can provide stability and balance needed for heavy duty workouts

• Smaller base won’t take up too much space

Should Not Buy:

• If looking for larger size

• If already have feet that will do the job

• If not intending to use for heavy duty workouts


• Four 7 Gauge Steel Plates

• 2 x 5/8 - 11 Bolts

• 5/8” Thread Quantity: 2

• 6" total height

• 2.25" o.d. pipe

• Inside diameter fits 3" hole

• Supports 500 lbs

ProductWeight CapacityHeight Adjustment Range
Rogue Monster Mini Feet1,000 lbs3" - 5"
Titan Series Squat Stands1,500 lbs28" - 57"
R-3 Heavy Duty Squat Rack1,500 lbs18.5" - 68.5"
Rep Half Rack1,000 lbs50" - 82"
Titan T-2 Short Power Rack1,000 lbs48" - 70.5"

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