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Rogue Monster Socket Pull-up Bar

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Rogue Monster Socket Pull-up Bar

The Rogue Monster Socket Pull Up Bar is a heavy-duty, 7-foot pull-up bar designed for maximum stability and durability. The 3” steel bar has a 44” inside diameter and a zinc phosphate finish for superior corrosion resistance. The bar is designed to be mounted to either a single 3.5” monster socket that can support up to 800lbs or to a pair of 3” monster sockets that can support up to 950lbs. It comes with an end cap, allowing it to be used as a wall-mounted crossbar as well. This pull up bar is perfect for any type of pull-up or chin-up workout. The bar has comfortable angled handles and a smooth finish that allows you to perform comfortable high-repetition pull-ups while protecting your hands. The footprint of the bar is minimal, meaning it won’t take up too much space when mounted on your wall and will remain secure even through the toughest workouts. The strength and stability of the Rogue Monster Socket Pull Up Bar make it the perfect choice for any fitness enthusiast. Its durability makes it suitable for all levels of fitness, from athletes to beginners, and its zinc phosphate finish ensures it will last a lifetime. The price point may be a bit high for some, but for those who want a reliable pull up solution, the Rogue Monster Socket Pull Up Bar is a great choice.

  • Rogue Monster Socket Pull-up Bar

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Pros & Cons


• Made from strong steel for a durable and long lasting product

• Can be wall mounted for more stability and ease of use

• Easy to install

• Multi grip options for a variety of workouts

• Allows for connection to other Crossfit rig components

• Compatible with a variety of standard Olympic Bar sizes

• No dangerous bar slip due to laser drilled holes


• Expensive price tag

• Heavy weight and bulky size make it difficult to store or move

• May not be compatible with some barbell sizes

• Requires additional hardware for installation

• Steel material may cause hand fatigue depending on the workout

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Those who want a professional pull-up bar to improve their workouts.

- Those who need a bar that can support a large amount of weight.

- Those looking for a bar that is easy to install.

- Those seeking to maximize their pull-up performance.

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those who are only interested in buying a pull-up bar for casual use.

- Those who are not able to fit the bar into their doorway.

- Those who are not ready to commit to the higher cost of the product.


-Ideal for starting or adding to any home rig

-Holds up to 500 lbs.

-7-Gauge Steel Construction - 2”x 3” 11 Gauge Steel

-48” Length - Fits standard door frames up to 40”

-¼” Military Grade Nylon Webbing

-Nickel Plated Steel D-Rings

-4 mounting wood screws included

-Sold individually

-Made in the USA

Wall Mounted PointUltimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up BarStamina Wall Station
Entire bodyArms,chest,back,shouldersEntire body
300 Pounds300 Pounds300 Pounds

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