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Rogue Monster Wingspan Rig

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Rogue Monster Wingspan Rig

The Rogue Monster Wingspan Rig is a versatile and robust workout system that accommodates a wide range of strength training activities. The rig features two 3x3” 11-gauge Monster Lite uprights, plus several crossmembers, including two 10’ Single Skin Crossmembers and two 6’ Double Skin Crossmembers. The Monster Lite uprights feature 1” hole spacing on the Westside hole pattern and 2” hole spacing throughout, helping to accommodate a variety of barbell lifts, gymnastic activities, core training exercises, and more. The included extra-long crossmembers span the full length of the uprights and feature two adjustable single-pull-up bars. This system also includes a pull-up bar to the rear of the uprights and two lower shorty crossmembers that can be used for weight storage or additional accessory attachments. The Monster Wingspan Rig is constructed entirely from Rogue’s own Monster Lite series of 11-gauge steel, offering durability and strength not found in many sports rigs. The uprights come finished in black powdercoat and feature laser-etched numbering for easy j-cup and pull-up bar positioning. The entire rig comes pre-drilled for compatible Rogue accessories, including the Monster Lite Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, the Rogue Landmine Attachment, and the Monster Lite Spotter Arms. A great option for garage gyms, HIIT training centers, and weight rooms at any level, the Monster Wingspan Rig represents an ideal way to start or expand any strength-training space.

  • Rogue Monster Wingspan Rig - Base Unit

    In Stock


  • 43" Monster Single Post Shelf - 43" Monster Single Post Shelf

    In Stock


  • 43" Monster Single Post Kettlebell Shelf - 43" Kettlebell Shelf

    In Stock


  • 70" Monster Single Post Shelf

    In Stock


  • 70" Monster Single Post Kettlebell Shelf

    In Stock


  • Rogue Monster Keyhole Gun Rack™

    In Stock


  • Rogue Monster Crown Pull-up Bar

    In Stock


  • Rogue Monster Flying Pull-up Bar

    In Stock


  • Monster Rope Attachment Anchor

    In Stock


  • Rogue Monster Mounted Chalk Bowl

    In Stock


  • Rogue Monster Stall Bars

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Adjustable width for a customized fit

• Variety of configurations allows for a variety of exercises

• Includes bubble levels for ease of setup

• Low profile for fit in tight spaces

- Heavy gauge steel Construction for durability

• cons:

• Expensive

• Expanding and adjusting can be complex

• Not ideal for individuals without large wall space

• Not suitable for limited mobility users

• No cable attachments included

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Large enough to fit a whole gym in a small space

• Accommodates a range of different workouts

• Durable and heavy duty construction for intense workouts

• Customizable layout potential with attachment options

Should Not Buy:

• Price is too expensive for some

• Limited to a fixed frame design

• Not ideal for those with limited space

• Limited options compared to other rigs on the market


• Length: 7'7"

• Width: 25"

• Weight: 36 lbs

• Beam: 9.25"

• Sail Area: 345 sq. ft.

• Mast Length: 90 cm

• Boom Length: 85 cm

• Board Design: Hybrid Surf/Race Outline

• Fin Configuration: Quad Fin Set Up

• Fin System: US Box

• Construction: Full X-Ply Deck and Bottom • Deck: X-Ply & Kevlar Reinforced

• Hull: X-Ply & Kevlar Reinforced

• 6-Layer Carbon reinforcements on high load areas

Product NameWingspanWeightFlight TimePrice
Rogue Rogue Monster Wingspan Rig78 inches3.7 lbs15 min$499.95
Exceed RC Mirage 200078 inches4.2 lbs10 min$399.99
XK X25078 inches4.7 lbs7-8 min$289.98
Hobbypower X525 V375 inches3.5 lbs20 min$499.99
FMS A6M Zero74.8 inches2.9 lbs10 min$174.98

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