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Rogue MRT

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Rogue MRT

-2.5 The Rogue MRT-2.5 was designed for serious strength training and high-intensity workouts. This heavy-duty unit is made from 11-gauge steel and is welded to ensure superior stability during weight-bearing activities. It features 2" x 3" custom-designed steel uprights, designed to easily accept standard Olympic plates. The uprights are adjustable with the included eight-position Jones-style pull-up bar, which also doubles as a chin-up bar. The bar can be moved up and down the uprights to accommodate different types of lifts and exercises, while the height is adjustable from 6' to 8'. The rogue MRT-2.5 also features kickplates on the base of the unit, to provide added stability and to protect the uprights and flooring from damage. It is designed with a powder-coated finish for a professional, sleek look and superior corrosion resistance. The MRT-2.5 is an ideal piece of equipment for anyone interested in weight training. It provides a versatile and challenging platform for a wide variety of exercises. Whether you're looking to build lean muscle, increase strength, or simply need an effective workout companion, the Rogue MRT-2.5 is an excellent choice.


Pros & Cons


• Compact and efficient design that is great for small spaces

• Versatile platform helps you get a full-body workout

• Includes accessories to use with core moves, pull-ups, dips, and more

• Durable Construction and easy to maintain

• Ability to integrate Rogue gear for extensive customization


• Not as heavy duty as a power rack

• Some pieces do not offer multiple height adjustments

• Accessories add to the cost of the unit

• Not suitable for taller athletes with long limbs

• May need additional equipment to supplement certain exercises

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People who are serious about CrossFit or strength training

• Those who are looking for ways to improve their strength and explosiveness

• Those who have been searching for a top-notch lifting system

Who Should Not Buy:

• People looking for a casual workout machine

• Those who are on a budget and not ready to invest in a quality machine

• Those who are not looking to do serious CrossFit or strength training


-Made with heavy 12 gauge steel

-3”x 3” uprights

-41” Westside hole spacing

-Upright height 6.5’ (add 6” with included bolt on feet)

-4 weight plate holders

-Weight storage pegs

-Multiple dip and pull-up configurations

-Integrated Westside spacing for band pegs

ModelsRogue Rogue MRTSimilar Model 1Similar Model 2Similar Model 3
Weight Capacity350 lbs500 lbs400 lbs600 lbs
Colors AvailableGreen CamouflageBlackRedBlue
Load Capacity (per shelf)150 lbs175 lbs150 lbs225 lbs
Maximum Height72 inches60 inches72 inches80 inches
ConstructionPowder Coated SteelSteelAluminumSteel

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