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Rogue Ohio Bar 2.0S

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Rogue Ohio Bar 2.0S

atin-black The Rogue Ohio Bar 2.0 Satin Black is a professional grade barbell designed and manufactured by Rogue Fitness, one of the leading names in strength and conditioning equipment. This barbell has a distinctive black textured surface and is made with a single-piece, 190,000 PSI tensile strength steel shaft that is whip-tested and suitable for heavy lifting. The texture helps to provide superior grip and the knurling is evenly distributed along the entire length of the bar. This barbell has a 28.5mm diameter, which is the standard size for weightlifting bars, and it can accommodate both Olympic and Powerlifting technique. The chrome sleeves rotate smoothly and feature dual knurl marks to safely and accurately load and unload plates. The bushing system ensures maximum spin for Olympic lifting and the dual-snap ring design adds extra stability. Each bar is tested for proof load and comes standard with a lifetime warranty. This barbell is ideal for daily use inside or outside the gym, making it a great choice for any strength athlete. Whether you're an Olympic lifter, powerlifter, functional fitness enthusiast, or strength enthusiast, you'll find this bar to be reliable and durable. With its superior grip and performance, the Rogue Ohio Bar 2.0 Satin Black is a must-have for any serious athlete.


Pros & Cons


• Made in Ohio, USA

• needle bearings in each sleeve for a smooth spin

• Endless load compatibility, designed for Olympic lifts

• Available in three colors

• mm shaft diameter for superior performance

• Lifetime warranty


• Expensive compared to similar bars

• More than 10 lbs heavier than competition bars

• Poor option for deadlifts or other advanced movements compared to specialty bars

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People concerned with quality materials and feel who value the Ohio Bar 2.0's precision craftmanship and 199,000 PSI tensile strength

• Athletes who frequently perform Olympic weightlifting movements

• Gym owners and facility managers who need high quality equipment

• Those looking for an affordable option that also offers a lifetime warranty

Who Should Not Buy:

• Individuals whose budget necessitates a lower-priced option

• People not interested in the features of the Ohio Bar 2.0, such as its dual knurl marks, snap ring construction, and proprietary black zinc finish

• Those not performing Olympic lifts and not in need of a barbell

• Those looking to purchase a bar with a higher tensile strength than 199,000 PSI


-28.5mm diameter 190,000 PSI tensile strength steel shaft

-Black zinc coating on the shaft

-Dual knurl marks (IPF & IWF)

-Bushing rotation

-Rigid Olympic Bearing system

-Competition knurl

-1000lb. weight capacity

-Length: 86.5”

-Shaft finish: bright zinc / bare steel

-Sleeve finish: bright zinc

-Knurl: medium aggressive

-Weight: 20KG

Rogue Ohio Bar 2.0SPowerlifting/MultiPurpose20kgDual Knurl Marks$235
Okie Power BarPowerlifting20kgAggressive Knurling$250
Texas Power BarPowerlifting20kgKnurled Center & Unknurled Rings$170
Rogue Bar 2Olympic Weightlifting20kgDual Rings$300
Pendlay Elite Bearing BarOlympic Weightlifting20kgMedium Knurl$365

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