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Rogue Oly Lifting Straps

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Rogue Oly Lifting Straps

The Rogue OLY Lifting Straps are ergonomic strength training straps designed with weightlifters in mind. They are crafted from a durable nylon/cotton blend, creating a thick but lightweight strap. The material is lightweight and long lasting, making them ideal for Olympic style lifts. The straps feature an adjustable loop system with an internal D-ring for an adjustable, secure fit, and a wide, soft padding for extra comfort. The anti-slip neoprene grip pad also helps absorb shock and keeps the lifting strap from slipping when you need the extra support. These lifting straps are perfect for a variety of Olympic type lifts, such as a snatch, clean and jerk, and jerk variations. Whether you’re a beginner, weekend warrior, or elite athlete, the Rogue OLY Lifting straps are a great choice for helping you stay safe and reach your strength goals.


Pros & Cons


• Durable and strong material

• Designed to last through heavy lifting and tough use

• Minimal stretching

• Comfortable fit

• Ideal for Olympic-style lifts

• Provides support while lifting


• Not adjustable

• Not suitable for smaller wrists

• Does not work for all kinds of lifts

• Cannot be worn during cardio exercises

• Not ideal for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Competitive weightlifters looking for hardcore support

• Individuals who struggle with grip strength

• Advanced gym goers who want to add extra challenge to their exercises

Who Should Not Buy:

• Novice gym goers who do not yet have experience with the exercises

• Individuals who don't need additional support while lifting


• Logo: Rogue Oly Straps

• Material: 100% cotton, with a rubber laminate inner coating to stabilize the material

• Length: 2.5 inches

• Width: 2 inches

• Durability: High

• Color: Black

ItemPriceQuality MaterialsDurabilityFlexibility
Rogue Oly Lifting Straps$14Nylon Webbing, Coral FleeceHighMedium
Harbinger 166176$10Cotton webbing, cloth liningHighHigh
Dark Iron Fitness$12Leather, Neoprene PaddingHighLow
DMoose Fitness$17Leather, Neoprene PaddingHighLow
Weightlifting Straps$10Cotton, Polyester PaddingMediumHigh

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