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Rogue OLY Platform

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Rogue OLY Platform

The Rogue Oly Platform is a high-quality weightlifting platform designed to meet the needs of both beginner and advanced weightlifters. It is constructed with a heavy-duty 11 gauge steel frame and Grade A Baltic birch top layers, making it both durable and aesthetically pleasing. It also features a UHMW plastic lining which ensures safety and durability. The platform measures 8ft x 8ft, providing a generous space for any variety of weightlifting exercises. It includes 4 adjustable band pegs on each side for accommodating any type of bands, and is also equipped with 2 rubberized feet for maximum grip and stability. Its assembled dimensions are 95" W x 95" L x 4.5" H and it has a weight of 199lbs. The Rogue Oly Platform is an ideal solution for any user looking for a heavy-duty platform for their weightlifting routine.

  • OL-1 Olympic Lifting Platform

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Pros & Cons


• Durable, 11 gauge steel Construction.

• Eight 3" bolt down plates to secure platform to the floor.

• x 8" rubber feet to reduce floor vibration and noise.

• Surface offers superior sound dampening.

• L x 48"W x 1/2" Thick.

• Textured rubber surface with jigsaw puzzle interlocking edges for a fitted look.

• tall, 2.5" dia. steel rim for added security when loaded with heavy weights.

• Optional ramp and laser-cut rubber lining.


• High cost of purchase.

• Requires industrial equipment for installation.

• Heavy weight makes the platform difficult to move.

• Surface is not skid-resistant.

• Installation instructions do not provide sufficient detail for all levels of DIYers.

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

-If you plan on doing Olympic weightlifting

-If you are wanting to create a safe environment for weightlifting

-If you are looking for a high-quality platform

Should not Buy:

-If you don't plan on doing Olympic weightlifting

-If you don't want to spend the money

-If you aren't looking for a professional quality platform


-7'x7' x ½" classic green rubber with horizontal and vertical milled grooves

-46½" x 25" x 7⅛" steel frame constructed with 11-gauge steel

-Compatible with most standard rack attachments

-Wide wingspan for a large lifting area

-Four segmented halves fitted with four internal shock absorbers for added protection

-Non-slip rubber feet

-Pairs with Rogue’s Matador and Safety Spotter Arms

RogueRogue OLY PlatformValor Fitness BD-7
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