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Rogue Olympic Plates - Closeout

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Rogue Olympic Plates - Closeout

The Rogue Olympic Plates Closeout is ideal for weightlifters who want a reliable and quality plate set. The bumper plates are made with a reinforced rubber construction to hold up against everyday wear and tear and boast a three-year warranty policy. The metallic chrome central hub has a 2” diameter for standard Olympic bars and is designed for a secure fit. The 10-kilo plates have an inner diameter of 17.2” and the fractional plates from 1-5 kilos have an inner diameter of 12.8”. Color coding helps identify weight easily and each plate is labelled for accuracy. The textured finish helps improve the grip and eliminate the risk of sliding when performing lifts. The plates have a very competitive price relative to their high-quality materials and long-lasting durability.

  • 25LB Rogue Olympic Plate Pair - Closeout

    27% off • Out of Stock



  • 35LB Rogue Olympic Plate Pair - Closeout

    26% off • In Stock



Pros & Cons


• Made with quality virgin rubber compound

• Accurate weight calibration

• Clean sleak design

• Machined center hole for easy loading

• Outstanding durability


• Limited supply

• Outdated design

• Older weight calibration

• Recessed edge causes plates to stack too high

• Expensive

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• High-quality plates at a discounted price

• Perfect for both home and gym use

• Affordable alternative to higher-priced plates

Should Not Buy:

• Limited availability - once they're sold out, they're gone

• Not the best choice for ongoing Olympic lifting training and competitions

• No warranty offered with this closeout item


-Made of steel

+Weight tolerance of +2%

+Smooth black finish

+Raised lettering and numbers with black paint fill

+7 grip cutouts for easy handling

+No center hole (for bar safety collars)

+Fits Olympic bars only (2”)

+Accurate 25mm holes (imperial and metric markings)

+Consistent weight markings on both ends

Rogue45 lbs17.5in.1'Closeout'
CAP Barbell - Vulcan45 lbs17.5in.1$58.50
Rep Fitness45 lbs17.5in.1$57.00
Fringe Sport45 lbs17.5in.1$60.98

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