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Rogue Resin Squat Wedge - Pair

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Rogue Resin Squat Wedge - Pair

The Rogue Resin Squat Wedge Pair from Rogue Fitness is a great tool for any weightlifter or powerlifter looking to improve their squat form and function. Made from durable resin, this wedge pair provides the perfect level of cushioning and stability to aid in reaching a proper squat depth while protecting the user’s knees and spine. The resin squat wedge pair measures 9” wide x 5” deep, making it easily transportable and perfect for home gym use or gym use. Featuring a wedge angle of 20°, it gives liftar the ideal support they need while they squat, reducing excess strain on their joints and allowing them to perform in closer alignment with proper technique. Furthermore, Rogue Fitness has designed this wedge pair with a raised rim to hold barbells and heavy weights, making it ideal for heavier lifting and powerlifting. Moreover, Rogue Fitness uses exclusive non-marking rubber on the bottom of the wedge pair to ensure that the wedges stay firmly in place. This eliminates the need for chalk or other lifting accessories, thus increasing the lifespan and extending the wedge pair’s usefulness. Overall, the Rogue Resin Squat Wedge Pair is an incredibly durable and effective tool for weightlifters and powerlifters alike looking for extra support and cushioning as they move through the squat exercise. With its robust construction and a wide range of features and benefits, this wedge pair is sure to revolutionize your workout sessions.


Pros & Cons


• Made of high-density, lightweight resin for stability

• Cutouts designed to grab onto plates for added stability

• Includes rubberized base to reduce sliding or slipping

• Easily portable


• Limited movement when angled as the resin material is quite firm

• Not able to accommodate larger feet as the cutouts won't fit over plate edge

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

-Athletes wanting to improve their back angle in their squats

-Weightlifters needing support for a more stable squat

-Anyone who desires increased comfort during squats

Who Should Not Buy:

-People without access to an outdoor space as this product is designed for outdoor use

-Individuals who won't be consistently squatting or lifting weights and will not benefit from the product


- Rogue Resin Squat Wedge - Pair

- Dimensions: 11"W x 14"L x 3"H

- Net Weight: 21LB

- Constructed from an injection-molded blend of high-density styrene and rubber

- Includes two Wedges, one sloped and one flat

- 12 degree angle for optimum squat depth

- 1” high supports the weight securely when lifting

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36" x 12" x .185"36'' x 8'' x 0.2''35.5''x 10'' x 0.2''36'' x 10'' x 0.2''
5.6 lbs6.3 lbs5.4 lbs5.8 lbs
Low-Profile DesignLow-Profile DesignLow-Profile DesignLow-Profile Design
Durable Resin ConstructionDurable Urethane ConstructionDurable Polyurethane ConstructionDurable Wood Construction
Textured Surface for GripTextured Surface for GripTextured Surface for GripGritty Surface for Grip

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