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Rogue Rig Shims

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Rogue Rig Shims

Rogue Rig Shims are a helpful piece of equipment for use when setting up or adjusting a Rig or Squat Rack system. They come in a variety of sizes and can raise or lower the height of the uprights or stands to better fit the user's environment or to meet specific fitness goals. Since they interlock, they give the user the ability to customize their set up to their exact preferences. These shims are made of strong, durable steel and are available in 4” and 6” heights. The 4” shims fit inside 1” or 11⁄2” posts and the 6” shims are designed for the 2” posts. The dimensions of the shims are 4" D x 1/4" thick x 3 3/4" W for the 4" versions and 6 1/8" D x 1/4" thick x 3 3/4" W for the 6" versions. Each shim is coated with a durable black paint to endure tough workouts and the weather. The inside of the shims have been designed to fit around the posts for a secure fit, and each shim has two sets of large hook-and-loop straps for easy installation and removal. Rogue Rig Shims can help users customize their squat rack height to their preferences, while also providing additional stability to their equipment. They make a great addition to any gym setup or any home gym.

  • Rogue 14ga Rig Shim - 5 Pack

    In Stock


  • Rogue 1/4" Rig Shim - 5 Pack

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Adaptable to multiple sizes and shapes of rigs

• For indoor and outdoor uses

• Durable and corrosion-resistant

• Lightweight and easy to install


• Price is on the high end

• Not compatible with all rigs

• Exposed to the elements when used outdoors

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

• Athletes looking to save space while maintaining a full power rack setup

• People without a lot of space who want to add height adjustments to their squat rack setup

• Anyone wanting to add height adjustments to their squat rack

Who Should Not Buy

• Those who have plenty of space and don't need the height adjustments

• Those who want to construct their own squat rack setup

• People who already have racks with fixed heights for their pull-ups & chin-ups


- Made of solid steel

- Finish: Zinc plated

- Hole size: 0.25"

- Shim width: 1.25"

- Shim thickness: 0.095"

- Sold in pairs

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Adjustable Height Range23"-67"22"-74"20"-67"
Weight Capacity1000LBS1000LBS900LBS
Pedestal MaterialSteelSteelSteel
Foot Securing SystemMale/Female ScrewsE-Setting BracketsCastor Wheels

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