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Rogue RM-3 Fortis Rack

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Rogue RM-3 Fortis Rack

The Rogue RM-3 Fortis Rack is a rugged, heavy-duty adjustable rack made for versatile capability. It features a robust 11-gauge steel frame with a black powder-coated finish and fast-bolt technology. It offers independent spotter arms, a dual-level pull-up bar, and a multi-grip chin-up attachment. The Fortis Rack is designed to fit in smaller spaces while offering an effective training solution. It is ideal for small home gyms and adjustable to accommodate a variety of exercises. The Fortis Rack has three adjustable heights: 24", 29", and 36.5". It also features a 44" long, 4" x 3" upright, making it strong and stable. Inside the frame are two solid steel safety spotter arms with 4" load capacity for improved safety when training alone. It also features multi-grip chin-up station with knurled handles, as well as a dual-level pull-up bar. The dual-level feature allows you to perform strict and kipping pull-ups from multiple heights. The Fortis Rack is also collapsible for easy storage and transportation. Overall, the Rogue RM-3 Fortis Rack is an all-around training solution that provides the capability of an accessory-filled gym in a compact, adjustable package. With its robust frame, independent spotters, dual-level pull-up bar, and multi-grip handles, the Fortis Rack is perfect for any serious strength trainer. Whether you're in a home gym, garage, or commercial space, the Fortis Rack will help you create a powerful workout experience.

  • RM-3 Fortis Rack

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Pros & Cons


• Heavy-duty 3x3" 11-gauge steel Construction for superior stability

• Laser-cut 2x3" uprights for adjustable j-cup locations

• Interior and exterior pull-up bars offered in multiple diameters

• Multi-grip fat/skinny pull-up bar included

• Built in Westside hole spacing and customizable with included hardware

• Includes numbered holes in the uprights for quickly aligning accessories

• Includes dedicated spotter Arms with UHMW protection and 2" hole spacing

• hole spacing throughout the uprights allows for easy adjustments and accessory upgrade ability

• Compatible with most standard and Olympic bars

• Includes aluminum numbered UHMW j-cups


• Doesn't come with any accessories

• Can be difficult to assemble

• Heavy weight may limit portability

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Serious weightlifters who need a high-quality and strong rack

• Those who need extra space in their home or gym

• People who don't mind investing in a heavy-duty piece of equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who are looking for a cheaper rack

• Beginner lifters who don't need such a strong rack

• Those who have limited space in their gym or home


-Made in the USA

-3x3" 11-Gauge Steel

-24.5" Pull-up Bar

-Upright and Spotter arms

-Mountable J-Cups and Pin/Pipe Safeties

-Available in Multiple Powder Coat Color Options

-Optional Add-ons such as Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar, Bumpers, Dip Attachment, and Weight Storage

-Unit Dimensions: Width 56", Depth 48", Height 86.5"

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