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Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0 - Cerakote Black

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Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0 - Cerakote Black

The Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0 in Cerakote black is a commercial-grade 3x3 inches rack designed to handle the heaviest weightlifting sessions in any home gym or professional facility. This power rack can be used as squats stands, bench press stands, pull-up bars, and even as a system for performing lateral pulldowns, making it a perfect choice for full-body training. Built from 11-gauge steel with 4-gauge steel Hardware - a 20-gauge steel frame with Cerakote's superior protective finish for superior corrosion resistance - the Monster Rack 2.0 is an extremely sturdy and durable piece of equipment. This rack is also height adjustable between 7 ft and 8 ft and can be easily moved thanks to the two-inch UHMW-lined j-cups and 3"x3" columns integrated into the design. It also features Westside hole spacing, allowing users to adjust the height of their barbell with laser-cut markers. The RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0 is equipped with a number of additional features, including band pegs and multiple safety spotter bars. Moreover, it includes the Rogue Rhythm Pull-up Bar - an ergonomically designed pull-up bar designed for heavy weighted lifting - as well as multiple storage pins for organizing weights and accessories. All in all, this rack is the perfect choice for any fitness enthusiast or professional looking for a highly durable power rack.

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Pros & Cons


•Heavy-duty Construction with 11-gauge steel

• Versatile and customizable design

• Enhanced stability with 4x3” steel corner plates

• Reinforced gussets with removable security pins

• Made with Cerakote for a unique, stylish protection coating

• Numerous optional add-ons, such as pull-up bars, j-cups, extra storage posts, etc.


• Costly

• Heavy to move or relocate

Who Should Buy

This Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0 Cerakote Black is designed for serious weightlifters. It is a durable, multi-functional power rack designed for powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength training, functional fitness, and more. It is a great choice for gym owners, personal trainers, and any athlete who is looking to lift heavier weights and increase their strength. Anyone looking for a basic squat rack for lighter weights, however, should look elsewhere. It is not suitable for casual lifters who don't require the extra features of a true power rack.


- Monster Based Stall Steel uprights

- Multi Grip Pull-up Bars

- 94" Height (with optional add-on)

- 24" x 36" foot print

- 9.5" x 64.5" West Side Plate Storage

- 4 x 3" 11-Gauge Steel Tubing

- Includes pin/pipe safeties & spotter arms

- Cerakote Black finish

FeatureRogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0Similar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Capacity1000 lbs.900 lbs.1100 lbs.600 lbs.
Dimensions96"H x 48"L x 54"W88"H x 54"L x 48"W90"H x 48"L x 58"W89"H x 48"L x 58"W
Construction2"x2" 11-gauge steel2" x 3" 11-gauge steel2" x 2" 11-gauge steel2" x 3" 7-gauge steel
AttachmentsBand Pegs, 3 Single Pull-Up Bars, J-Cups, Safety Spot ArmsBand Pegs, 5 Single Pull-Up Bars, J-Cups, LandmineSingle Pull-Up Bar, J-Cups, Dip AttachmentAuxiliary Pull-Up Bar, Dip Attachment, Safety Spot Arms
ColorCerakote BlackMatte BlackMetallic GrayWhite

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