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Rogue RML-90SLIM Door Mount Fold Back Rack

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Rogue RML-90SLIM Door Mount Fold Back Rack

The Rogue Fitness RML-90 Slim Door Mount Fold Back Rack is an incredibly versatile and efficient storage solution. The slim design of the rack allows it to easily fit in many areas, including garages and workshop spaces. Made from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel, this rack has a 900-pound weight capacity and is equipped with Rogue’s signature fold-back design for even more space saving. The RML-90 also includes two built-in Westside hole spacing, which allows you to easily customize the layout of your pull-up bars and other mounting accessories. With two sets of Monster Lite J-Cups and two pair of ring hangers, you can conveniently store your items with ease. The adjustable upper and lower pin systems make it easy to adjust the level of your equipment, and the included mounting hardware makes for fast and easy installation. Whether you are looking to use this rack in your home gym or on your outdoor patio, the RML-90 is sure to provide you with reliable storage and simple customization.

  • Rogue RML-90SLIM Door Mount Fold Back Rack

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Pros & Cons


• Slim design fits into most doorways, even when kept folded back

• Durable powder coated 2x3” 11-gauge steel Construction

• Outfitted with boxed-uprights and stainless steel roller pins

• Three adjustable levels of depth for spotter arms and chin bar

• Optional pin/pipe safety spots


• Features a fixed height, not adjustable

• Only one size offered, not customizable to individual overhead door frames

• Expensive compared to other racks similar in design/features

Who Should Buy

• Should Buy:

• Looking for a rack that will fit in a small space

• Needing a rack that can be easily moved when necessary

• Requiring extra depth for binding for lifts

• Should Not Buy:

• Wanting a fully-collapsible rack

• Already have a power rack that provides enough space

• Looking for a rack that will accommodate complex movements, such as Olympic lifting


-Designed to fit within 8ft ceilings

-Offers 8 mounting positions

-One-piece laser cut 11-gauge steel construction

-Optionally finished with durable powercoat

-Includes pair of J-Cups & additional hardware

-90" height and 22" depth

-2" x 3" Steel Uprights

-Laser-cut hole spacing every 2" along uprights

-Rated for 2,000 LBs capacity

Rogue Rogue RML-90SLIM Door Mount Fold Back RackProduct 1Product 2Product 3
Dimensions: 40”H x 90”L x 6”WDimensions: 48”H x 89”L x 9”WDimensions: 36”H x 98”L x 6”WDimensions: 36”H x 90”L x 6”W
Powder Coated FinishPowder Coated FinishPowder Coated FinishZinc Coated Finish
Folds Down for Easy StorageFolds Down for Easy StorageWall MountableFolds Down for Easy Storage
5-year Warranty5-year Warranty3-year Warranty1-year Warranty

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