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Rogue Rubber Medicine Balls - Closeout

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Rogue Rubber Medicine Balls - Closeout

? The Rogue Rubber Medicine Ball is an exercise tool ideal for strength and conditioning workouts. Featuring a textured rubber shell, it’s durable and shock-absorbent, helping to protect floors when used for throwing and bouncing exercises. The construction also minimizes noise, making this ball well-suited to indoor use. It’s available in standout red and black, with several sizes to choose from—the weight range starts at 2 lbs. and extends up to 10 lbs. Inside, the ball is filled with sand and has a bounce rating of 9 out of 10. This gives it a lively response when it hits the floor, making it a great tool for explosive medicine ball training. Examples include: woodchop movements, sit up throws, chest pushes, and partner passing drills. This ball is designed mainly for indoor use and is designed to last, so it’s a great choice for any home gym.

  • Rogue Rubber Medicine Ball - 6LB

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Pros & Cons


• Durable rubber shell

• Heavy duty stitching

• Double handle design

• Full range of sizes and weights

• Well-rounded exercise options


• Expensive

• Limited color options

• No warranty

• Not as versatile as other medicine ball models

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

Those looking for a durable, versatile medicine ball for a variety of workouts or exercises (e.g. partner exercises, core strength training, power lifting, etc.).

Should Not Buy:

Those looking for a medicine ball made of a different material (e.g. wood, rubber, etc.) or who require a medicine ball of a different size or weight.


- 14” Diameter

- Closed-Cell Foam Filler

- Available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12-Pound Weights

- Durable, Slanted-Stitched, Leather Shell in Red or Blue

- Semi-Lugged Bottom Tread in Gray

- Non-Marking, Non-Slip Outer Surface

- Hard Durometer Rubber

- Made in USA

Product NameGripWeightDiameter
Rogue RogueTextured Rubber6lb, 8lb, 10lb7"
CAP BarbellTextured Rubber4 lb - 10 lb7”
Body SolidTextured Rubber7lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb7"
Yes4AllSoft Shell4lbs-10lbs7"
TPE Medicine BallTextured Rubber5 lb -10 lb7"

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