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Rogue Speed Straps

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Rogue Speed Straps

Rogue Speed Straps are functional fitness straps designed to improve speed and strength within functional movements. The straps consist of two ¾-inch-thick nylon straps that measure 4 feet long when fully extended with a heavy-duty snap buckle at the center. The design allows for quick adjustments with a simple tug providing athletes with a “virtually hands-free” grip to enable speed and improve targeted work. The straps are also equipped with an ergonomic padded handlebar to allow a comfortable grip and support during dynamic movements. The straps are rated to support up to 400 lbs., allowing athletes of all strength categories to use the straps safely. The Rogue Speed Straps are available in seven colors and come with a 1-year warranty. They are ideal for functional fitness athletes, ages 15 and up, who are looking to improve speed and strength within functional movements.


Pros & Cons


• wide high-strength nylon webbing for secure, comfortable fit

• Patented secure locking buckle design for quick and efficient adjustments

• Allows for multiple uses during workouts including squat and deadlift assistance, agility and plyometric drills

• Available in 6 sizes


• Relatively expensive compared to traditional lifting straps

• Reports of hardware (buckles) failing after long-term use

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Quickly switch from exercise to exercise

- Have easy and safe setup for any rig in any gym

- Allow for greater range of motion and intensity in workouts

- Extremely durable material and design

Should Not Buy:

- Already have speed straps and do not need another

- Don't have a rig to attach them to

- Preference of a different style of speed straps


-Length: 10' each

-Width: 1.5”

-Max Weight: 200 lbs or 90 kg per strap

-Material: Heavy duty 1000D nylon

-Hardware: Black oxide coated steel

-Color: Black

Rogue Rogue Speed StrapsHyskore Black Gun Rack (DLX)Finish Line Strap-on Bicycle StandsSpot Ergo Stretch StrapsXpeed Traningab Straps
Size3” W x 52" L7” W x 49.5" L13” W x 29" L5” W x 48" L3” W x 16" L
Weight3.2 oz.6.2 lbs.7.7 lbs.4.1 oz.4.6 oz.

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