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Rogue Stall Bar 3.0

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Rogue Stall Bar 3.0

The Rogue Stall Bar 3.0 is an effective and durable piece of gym equipment designed to help users with functional mobility training. Constructed out of 3x3" 11 gauge steel and finished with a durable powder coat, the Stall Bar 3.0 is made to take a beating and provide a lifetime of use. Its height-adjustable design allows for multiple heights, accommodating users of all sizes and skill levels, while its swivel safety arms make for a secure and comfortable grip. The Stall Bar 3.0 is designed for users to practice a variety of movements like hanging, squatting, and pressing exercises that are designed to improve flexibility and build strength. It can be used to practice flexing and stretching, pull-up and chin-up variations, and inverted rows. The bar can also be used as a stable surface for gymnastics rings, allowing for practice of ring exercises like handstand pushups, dips, and muscle-ups. The Stall Bar 3.0 is simple to set up and take down and can be used at home or in a commercial gym. It comes with pre-drilled holes for securing it to the ground or to a platform, and nails are provided to do so. The product also comes with two mounting tubes for the wall mounts and two pre-drilled holes for fixing the wall mounts. In order to reduce noise, the product utilizes rubber band grips on the bar, ensuring a quiet and comfortable experience. Overall, the Rogue Stall Bar 3.0 is an excellent piece of advanced gym equipment that is built with quality and functionality in mind. With its height-adjustable design and swivel safety arms, it is suitable for users of all sizes and skill levels, and its versatility allows for a wide variety of exercises that target strength and flexibility.

  • Rogue Metal Stall Bar 3.0 Crossmember Set

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  • Rogue Wood Stall Bar 3.0 Crossmember Set

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  • Rogue Stall Bar 3.0

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  • Wall Mount Bracket Set

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Pros & Cons


• Compact and low profile; allows it to fit in spaces with limited height

• Made of heavy-gauge steel that can hold up to 250 pounds

• Comes with 5 height adjustment levels for all skill levels

• Multi-functional and can be used for pull-ups, stretching, and other exercises

• Easy to install and one person can do it alone


• Expensive compared to other fitness equipment

• Requires at least 8 feet of ceiling height for all adjustments

• If ceiling height is too low, you will be unable to do pull ups and other exercises that require full range of motion

• Not suitable for smaller rooms or apartments with low ceilings

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy the Rogue Stall Bar 3.0:

• People who are serious about strength training

• People who are looking for a versatile and durable training bar

• People who need to improve their core strength and stability

• People who want a bar that is easy to assemble and use

Who Should Not Buy the Rogue Stall Bar 3.0:

• People who do not have the space to store a big training bar

• People who are on a tight budget and want a more affordable alternative

• People who are only looking for cardio exercises, not strength training


- 3" x 3" 11-Gauge Steel uprights (6')

- 6 Rungs with (5") spacing

- Textured black powder coat finish

- Attachments: 6 j-cups, 2 multi-grip pull-up bars, 2 landmine sockets, 10 band pegs

- Weight: 118 LBS


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