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Strongman Throw Bag

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Strongman Throw Bag

The Rogue Strongman Throwbag is the perfect bag for any athlete looking for an exceptional training tool for strength and conditioning. This well-crafted bag is made from rugged materials and features an adjustable handle for comfortable grip and maximum distance. It also contains a wide variety of unique features that makes it an ideal compliment to any strongman workout routine. The bag is made from a reinforced canvas material that is both durable and long-lasting. This ensures that the bag can withstand everyday wear and tear while remaining structurally sound after repeated use. A heavy duty military-grade zipper ensures tight access to the bag's contents, while the adjustable handle provides a secure grip when throwing. Inside the bag are 10-lbs of four heavy-duty steel sandbags with an additional 13.5-lb sandbag. The four bags fit securely inside the bag, keeping their contents contained and contained safely at the same time. Each bag also features its own closure mechanism, ensuring that the contents stay put until you are ready to use them. The Rogue Strongman Throwbag also includes two metal D-rings and two carrying handles, which allows for easy carrying when not in use. These features, combined with the adjustable handle, allow for greater mobility during workouts, and make it easier to store the bag when not in use. Overall, this bag is an excellent training tool for serious strongmen or those just starting out in the sport. Its features and design make it suitable for use in any environment, from the gym to outdoor events. Whether you are looking for an intense workout or just some light conditioning, this bag is sure to provide the quality and performance you need.

  • Strongman Throw Bag

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  • 55LB Bulk Crumb Rubber

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Pros & Cons


• Made with heavy-duty Cordura nylon, which is durable and designed to withstand rough elements

• Variety of colors to choose from

• Features handles with a length of 15"

• Versatile design that can be used for functional training and body-weight exercises

• Easy to store


• Expensive price tag

• Limited weight range (25-100 pounds)

• Not suitable for heavy lifting

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Good for vocal and dynamic warm-ups

• Constructed to minimize damage to floors and walls

• Good for building power

Should Not Buy:

• Not suitable for high-intensity Plyometric movements

• Not good for solo use

• Expensive compared to other options


• Dimensions: 8’H x 10’W

• Weight: 34lbs

• Fill: Sand

• Material: Heavy Duty Polyester and BR Vinyl

• Stainless Steel Hardware & Heavy Duty Zippers

• 10 Handles for Easy Maneuverability

• Solid & Evenly Distributed Load

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DurabilityHighly DurableHighly DurableHighly DurableDurable
StrapsAdjustable Shoulder StrapAdjustable Shoulder StrapAdjustable Shoulder StrapFixed Handles

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